Saturday, 16 February 2013

Keep Calm, and Keep Running

Keep Calm, and Keep Running
I have decided to become a 'Mile-logger-blogger.' Yes, that's talk even MORE about running! I have been an avid 'runner' since Winter 2009 and caught the running bug, big time. I am very lucky to have a husband who also shares my passion for the sport. He actually got me hooked...Thanks! I have become inspired by friends of mine who have started up their own blogs and thought I'd give it a go. I hope you enjoy my posts and visit often. :)
Snow Much Running
It is Winter training time here in Nova Scotia and I am finishing up week 10/18 for my Boston Marathon Training Schedule. I am super psyched to say the least to run the 117th Boston Marathon for the first time. I had my doubts this time last year if I'd even make the cut, as the BAA reduced the marathon qualifying times from 3:40 for my age group to 3:35.  My two previous marathons had been 3:49 (first one) and 3:45. But, in Fredericton on Mother's day 2012 I met my goal with 3:32:52!!! Needless to say, best run ever! I even cried at the finish line, (Partially because I was in so much pain, was totally tired, thirsty, nauseous, and my toe had blistered so badly that it bled through my smartwool socks and sneaker, eww!), but you get the point.  

I have just recently resumed running again after being down and out for about a week due to respiratory illness.  The perks of being an elementary school teacher!  LOL. I was in major denial for the first few symptoms, sniffling and sneezing.  I pulled out a 9 miler based on the running rule for being sick: "It's okay if your symptoms are from the neck up. No running if you have chest congestion." Next morning, I was full blown SICK. :(  After two doctor visits, I am back at it and checked off a solid 19 mile run today with gorgeous temperatures, great tunes and clear sidewalks...finally! I even met up with my friend Courteney at the 4.7 mi mark and tried to convince her to go with me, but she was just finishing up her run and was heading home.  

We have had a few nasty weekend storms this winter that have made for less than adequate conditions for running.  I have experimented with the indoor rubber track during one particular storm day and boy oh boy did that leave my hamstrings and calves super sore! The constant turning motion was too much for me.  But this being mid-Feb, I am hoping for capris and tees soon, like really soon.

Tempo Tunes

Yes. I must run with music. I will delay a run if necessary to charge my ipod. It is that I like to run to upbeat rhythmic tunes during short and semi-long runs....I guess even on long runs with my fuel stores are low and I need that extra kick. So here's what I'm listening to these days:

  • Scream and Shout, by Will-I-Am and Brittney Spears. I <3 this song! lol.
  • Va va voom, Niki Minaj.
  • Beauty and a beat, Justin Bieber, I know...Bieber Fever, NOT! lol.
  • Little Talks, Monsters and Men....Totally awesome song!
  • Stompa, Serena Ryder.
  • Skyfall, Adele.
  • *Anything by Deadmau5, David Guetta or MGMT :)
  • AND I <3 "I Ran," by Flock of Seagulls....I can get through any run with this song!
Running 'Must-haves'
There are just some things that every runner needs. Here's a list of the things I could not live without..well not literally, but you get it.
  • I am a subscriber to Runner's World mag. It is a glorious day when I check my mail and there's a nice crisp magazine waiting. I read it from back to front for some strange reason and then re-read it thoroughly at bedtime...over and over.
  • I also am a huge fan of Hal Higdon. He doesn't know it, but he's been my virtual coach since I decided to run my very first ten k. I have been following him and his plans for every race since. I also have his book "Marathon." A must read for any marathoner out there.
  • Training plan posted on my fridge. This not only motivates me, but also keeps me on track. If I 'have' to run 6 miles that day, I will more likely get it in than if I was 'free-running,' which is what I call the period of time from the end of a race to the start of the next training plan start date. I get very 'comfortable' during this time. Meaning that I will allow myself to run flat routes, run within my comfort zone and be very flexible about time of day. I work much better on a
  • Gu---no fruit flavours please :) I much prefer the chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and mint chocolate flavours..YUM!
  • Yellow gatorade...I think this is lemon lime flavour or It is my absolute favourite to take with me on my long runs. For some reason it seems that it is also the flavour that most races around here seem to have at their water stops???
  • Smartwool socks...I love these. period.
  • Asics running shoes with high stabillity. We have the best 'sneaker guy connection' in PEI. We get new shoes approx. every 3 months.
  • Ipod...explained above. :)
  • Garmin...Definitely cannot run without it! I am such a number cruncher runner. I can honestly tell you any mile marker throughout my town initiating at my house. Seriously.
  • My Health: Never take it for granted. When you are down and out for sickness it really puts into perspective how much you need to listen to your body and how important recovery really is. You also develop serious runner's envy....hehe.
  • REST: I take at least one rest day a week to ensure my legs get adequate recovery. Usually that day is on Friday :D
Races for 2013
Boston Marathon----whoop whoop
Bluenose 1/2 Marathon
Sole Sisters 5k
Johnny 1/2
Tely 10
**** The rest TBA
Well, thanks for stopping by. I am very excited about my first blog post! 

Bedside reading :)
19 miler stats. Certainly not my fastest 19, but I am happy with it.
 Training plan in blue on the fridge. Along with A LOT of other running/family things. :)
Heather :)


  1. Super Duper first entry Heather...I'm always looking for new songs to add to my play list...thanks for the suggestions! I guess with planning my first half, I'm going to need to start looking into these gel things that all you experienced runners talk about. Oh..the things you learn as you go. Chaffing, gels, mile markers....LOVE ALL OF IT!!!!!

  2. Awww I love your first entry. :)