Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Bit of This and That

This is actually what our upstairs coat closet looked like for months! We also have other pairs of runners down in our entrance.  I am happy to say that 10 pairs were recently donated.  :)

It is hard to believe that February has come and gone.  March is surely arriving as a lion here in Halifax.  I am just hoping the conditions are clear for my long run on Sunday.  The Boston Marathon is in 45 days!!!  It is difficult for me to visualize a speedy race right now  when I'm bundled in layers, running through hilly subdivisions-at night, squinting to keep the snow out of my eyes, and clocking a slower than desired pace.  Oh well, that's winter here in Canada! Let's hope adrenaline will propel me to my goal finish time. ;)  I am anxiously awaiting the 'spring ahead' clock change.

I am welcoming the weekend with a much aniticipated rest day (Friday).  I logged in a 5mi on Monday, 5mi on Tuesday, 10mi on Wednesday and another 5mi on Thursday.  Sore legs much? Yes! But it feels good to be back on schedule.  Saturday calls for another 10mi and the big 2.0. on Sunday....aka 32km.  It is my first of three during this marathon training schedule.  My coworkers think I have some kind of problem I'm sure, as I see their faces when they ask, "how far did you run?" and my response is, "just my short run.....8k,"  LOL.  Only a runner would understand the pleasure of recording  your miles, with deep leg muscle fatigue, and feeling so good!

My Aunt e-mailed me this video when I was training for my first marathon.....I still laugh each time I watch it!  It is so what a marathoner says, does, etc.  You must watch, especially if you're currently training for a's short. The video, NOT the marathon, LOL.

 Click link below:

I'm running a marathon

Some random thoughts I had during my runs this past week:
  • A few of my neighbours really need to take down their Christmas trees! lol.
  •  Neighbourhood dog-walkers must think I'm not playing with a full deck when I also say, "hi"  to their dogs in a playful voice....I <3 dogs!
  • When I get home I am sooooo having that last gatorade in the fridge!
  • That collie that charges at me (EVERY SINGLE NIGHT) is eventually going to burst that lead and chase me fiercely up this street! I do not see that as being a good thing.
  • I really hope tomorrow is a snow day!
  • I didn't really notice this gradual incline approaching our house when we first viewed it.....?
  • I am missing Coronation street right now!......get home as fast as possible and catch the last 15 min.
I told you these were 'random thoughts.'  :D

What random thoughts enter your mind when running? 

Diet: A work in progress
I've been working really hard since Jan. 1 to eat a clean, well-balanced diet that will effectively fuel me on my runs.  I feel that it has been going very smoothly....minus the bad day at work that resulted in me engulfing a full package of marshmallow peeps, (thanks Courtney...haha). Ooops! One of my coworkers told me that the healthiest part of the peeps were the package that they're wrapped in....she's probably right!

I usually start my day with oatmeal and berries, plus a coffee. I cannot properly function if I do not have that cup-a-joe! I incorporate a lot of fruit throughout my day as well. My favourites are oranges, grapefruit, pears and bananas.  Our dinners are frequently chicken breasts, tossed salad greens and rice/pasta/potatoes.  We are pretty routine in our meals.  We do try for red meat once a week and at least one meal of salmon.  Some coworkers invited me to the Armview for fries and milkshakes for lunch good did that sound?!  Unfortunately, or fortunatley, I had a meeting and had to pass :S

How do you curb your tempting cravings for the not-so-healthy, but oh-so-tasty treats? 

Tempo Tune:
Okay, this week I've been 'retro' with my listening.  I've really enjoyed "Our lips are sealed," by the Go Gos.  I know....what??? LOL.  This song just really makes me :)

Our lips are sealed

Off to bed I go while the freezing rain clicks loudly off of  the windows....will there be school in the a.m.?  :D 

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy running,
Heather :)


  1. Another fantastic blog.
    Love the random running thoughts...I think that should be a regular feature. :-)

    1. haha thanks! There are many many more random thoughts, lol. I could probably write pages....just like that feature on the radio, "One minute inside a woman's head," or something. That cracks me up!

  2. Let me guess that collie is on Ashdale?! If it's the same one, I don't think he'll ever remember that he has a leash on that maxes out. lol.

    Oh my, I am just not getting my midweek distances in and this scares the crap out of me.

    1. You are completely right! It IS on It's not too far from you.

      You are healthy and have been getting your long runs a great pace. You'll rock it!

  3. Meant to post this earlier....the song that makes me pick up and go when I am struggling on a run is this one: SAIL. It's because I think of the video below when I hear it.

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