Monday, 20 May 2019

Girl Goes Blogging!


As evidenced by my lack of blogging after Boston I needed some downtime in the running part of my life - physical and mental. I ran my best Boston this year and gave it my all which left me feeling exhausted and heavy for a few weeks. 

I'm happy to say now that I am beginning to feel a lot like myself again and I'm back to training.

 After Boston I was beyond excited to add our Boston Race Maps from Run Ink Design to the wall! <3

I also put my 26.2 sticker on my car but ran into a little problem with placement because of how they changed the location of the year last year...
Yes, they are out of order because I got  a new car midway through collecting, lol.
I was riding the Boston high pretty hard...I even got my students to make unicorn art using recycled material during our Earth Day activities. 
 So cute!

My first speed session back was literally just Charlotte and I! Everyone else was racing in NB or elsewhere but it was awesome to have each other to push with. It was NOT easy! ;) It's amazing to me how quickly you can go from feeling fit and fierce to sluggish and lead legs, good times lol.
All the cool kids wear yellow, lol.
Getting back to regular nutrition is also a goal of mine. It's been too easy to say, "well I just ran a marathon," but now I've got to start fueling with quality food and not just chips! LOL. I love though when friends encourage your food passion: 

Time to whip out the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook again! 
I will never get sick of these muffins. :D 

Next weekend is the Cabot Trail Relay once again! I can't believe how quickly it came up. Last year when I ran the relay with the Halifax Road Hammer's Women's team I had an absolute blast!!!! This year I am on the same team and I will be running Leg 14 (which I hear great things about). This leg begins at 3:45 a.m.!!!! Hello glow bracelets! ;) I'm really looking forward to the CTRR this year. :D 

I am also excited to be a Pace Bunny at some upcoming local events! I will be pacing the 1:50 half marathon at Sole Sisters the first weekend of June and the 1:15 15k at Blue Nose the weekend after that! Look for a True North Pacing Bunny to help you reach your time goals!!! 

Guys check out these new calf sleeves from tiux! You can get them too with a discount using HEATHERLCTIUX at checkout!
 Lola approves!

Also you guys my friend Stacey ran the Sugarloaf Marathon yesterday and totally crushed her PB! Go ahead and give her all the kudos!!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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