Saturday, 1 September 2018

So Long Summer Training!

Hey there!

Just to clarify I do realize that we are not quite done with the humid toasty runs...I'm not in heat denial I promise. When I say, "So long," it simply refers to my vacation mode training. This is training that happens whenever I like, napping, eating and peeing whenever I like AND drinking warm coffee, not the stuff that gets forgotten about on the desk and spilled all over my outfits. Or in other words, "Teacher Summer."
Look at Google stylizing photos for me! Thanks :D 
PS: this is my shirt for the Chicago Marathon that I got from Mama Bear Runs Marathons! Don't you love it??? Fun Fact: I met her at the start of the 2016 Chicago Marathon...we knew each other through IG.
Yes that's right, school starts back up in 3 days for teachers and only 4 days for kids! I don't think I'm mentally ready, haha.

With the new school year starting up I AM looking forward to a routine, cooler training temperatures and of course FALL RACES!!!!!!! 

Next up on my racing radar is the Maritime Race Weekend 10k! Yes, I know another 10k?! Coach Lee said it would be a great idea to race it and I'm sort of excited to see what happens and how I feel after a summer of seriously hard work in training with the Halifax Road Hammers. Wish me luck!

Then I'm running the Rum  Runner's Relay with the BLT Runners women's team! That will be soooo fun! 

Although we've had one of the hottest most humid summers on record, I have really enjoyed training these past two months. 
Photo credit: Michael Bergeron
With the intolerable heat and humidity, (some days it felt like 36 Celsius), running and completing the Wednesday evening practice was challenging. I made the decision that I would join the Wednesday morning group...that meant "Warmed up and ready to run at 6:10a.m.!" Yes, 4:45 came quickly when the alarm would blare in my ear. I'd travel into the city to meet Christine at 5:45...she's going to kick major butt in Berlin btw! We'd run 3km or so to meet the crew and run like heck around the Oval. It was so cool to be done a butt busting workout at 7:10!!! I'm going to really miss that when school starts. 
Morning run done!
I'm also going to miss random Thursday runs with Stacey! She's off on Thursdays and is training for her own in Minneapolis! We'd get some easy miles in on the trail, usually in the blistering sun, lol. 

Lola would like to add that she's going to miss deck naps anytime she pleases. <3

I'll tell you another thing I am EXCITED about: These Crew Socks from tiux! Use HEATHERLCTIUX at checkout to access my ambassador discount! 
 I LOVE THESE!!!!!! Not too short, not too long...just right!

I tried them out on a long run today and they were awesome! 

I am so happy I purchased this hand held for summer runs!!! My old one kicked the bucket but this Nathan one is amazing!

Also, I'm sure you saw via INSTA GGR that I have been obsessed with the new Run Fast Cook  Fast Eat Slow book! Christine and I communicate almost daily about the new recipes we've tried! Get the will not regret it!
Apple Cinnamon Superhero Muffins
So that's a short note for now. I'll try to get back to regular blogging once the school year begins. I'm so nervous to meet my 22 new first graders!!!! LOL. Any teachers out there feel the same?

Thanks for stopping by my little space in the blogosphere! Have a wonderful day!!!! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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