Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tidal Trail 15k!

Well I'm clearly on a racing roll!

What I mean is that I never race this frequently...I haven't for a while anyway. Between April - now I've run 4 races!!! That's unheard of for me.

This past weekend I raced my second Tidal Trail 15k put on by Maritime Races. I last raced this event in September. During that time I didn't race as hard as I could have since I ran my butt off the night before to get a 5k PB. Not to mention how incredibly hot it was! This past Sunday the weather presented us with a challenge of another type - major winds! (At least the air was cool???)

I received free registration from Nova Physiotherapy which was awesome!!! At first I thought I wouldn't be racing since my sister was here from Newfoundland visiting, but we decided that because of her flight time and the late 1:00 p.m. race start we could make it work. :)

The only downfall about racing this past weekend was that my allergies had struck in full force! I could not stop sniffling and sneezing. My eyes were also a watery mess. :(  I was struggling with breathing smoothly on my Saturday run so I thought I'd run the best I could in the wind on Sunday and see what I'd get.

Marg and I headed over just around noon. The winds were certainly gusting and I was motivated by the 10k runners who had already run the race earlier in the morning. The winds were gusting around 60km/hr!

I did a short warm up because the wind was quite strong and I decided I'd be best off saving my energy for the race! That wind was strong!!!

We headed to the start and saw so many BLT Runners there!

Runners were assigned a corral system because of the narrow trail I assume based on finish time. At the horn, we were off! 

Jeff and I ran together for just about half the race. We were pushing a pretty fast pace but I was fine with it because I wanted to work hard. I get 'lazy' racing sometimes and I wasn't going to let that happen today.
 It was kind of nice to 'hang out' with Jeff when he wasn't sticking needles in me! LOL.

Matt was also racing this event for the first time! He broke an hour with 59:something!

I was finding the wind and dry air tough on my throat which was quite sore, perhaps from all the sneezing. I took water as much as I could.

Heading across the causeway area we were completely exposed to the elements...including getting splashed with salt water!!! That's how windy it was! I took this photo off of the Tidal Trail facebook page to show you. It's truly spectacular and beautiful, but a force to reckon with if Nature is up and at it!
Every step I pushed hard to fight the wind and to run fast. The wind was pushing us sideways! Jeff yelled, "I'm kicking myself!" And I could only muster enough energy to grunt, lol. The bibs we were wearing were flapping in the wind so loudly I could hear it over my music! My sunglasses from tiux, which never slide kept being pushed down my nose so I kept adjusting! It was mayhem.

I enjoyed the out and back because you could see all the people you know! Except if you're super focused on not blowing over and you miss many friends yelling your name! LOL...I did that.

My pace was decent but I could easily tell which miles were when we headed across the dyke area with full on wind.
I was getting so tired! I knew my body shouldn't bee this exhausted for this distance at this pace, but my nose was so runny, my breathing was off and the wind was ruthless!!!!

The finish was a glorious sight!!!

We all chatted and of course took photos before heading up to get a toasted bagel from Izzy's Bagels!!! Such a nice touch. :D
I took this photo from the Tidal Trail facebook page. :)
These runners move on the medal!!!

The Callaghans both took second place!

A 15k PB!!! (it's a distance I've only raced 2 times lol).

Next up...Johnny Miles 10km!

Thanks for stopping by the GGR Running Blog and have a wonderful day!

Happy running,
Heather :)

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