Sunday, 24 June 2018

Summer Training Has Begun!

Guys, I have to say I'm pretty stoked about having less than a week between myself and Summer Vacation! :D
Lola's pretty pumped too, lol.
This week will most definitely zoom by but this past week lasted for about 17 days. It felt incredibly long, exhausting and was completely busy - Including a bouncy castle!
Leaping into summer vacay like...
I still made time to run even though I was zonked after the kids left every single day. I've been adding in an extra short and slow run throughout the week when possible, usually on Mondays which I took formerly as my first rest day of the week. 6 days a week of running is actually quite fatiguing.

It will be awesome once school is out to have the freedom and flexibility again to get my running in whenever and wherever I feel like it. Throughout the school year many of those runs are late evening, which now still permits me to run in daylight!

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This week I logged 45.9 miles or 73.9km. I am trying to build the base back up slowly since Chicago training is starting up.

Speed work is now a weekly necessity and I dread it every week, lol. This past Thursday involved Hill Sprints. I picked a nasty hill in the neighbourhood and after a good 3 mile warm up I did the hill up and down 6x. I thought I'd die, but I survived. I had a bit of noodle leg syndrome but other than that I was fine. ;)

For my long run this week I headed into town and met up with a bunch of friends who run with the Road Hammers to do an insanely tough loop followed by a Brunch at Jennie's and Michael's. Charlotte, Jennie, Sarah and I stuck together, except when I was dying on the hills, lol. It was very challenging for me but I did it and lived to tell the tale! 20km total with 285m of elevation and 5:06 pace/km. 

Tired, but never too tired for a selfie!

A well deserved feast!

 Cheers to many more smiley miles!

I run for the...

Milo was too cute not to make the blog. <3
 Thanks Jennie & Michael for hosting!
I am totally wearing mismatched socks in the photo, lol. 
So I'm launching my Summer Vacation with an Epic Duo at the Epic Canadian races! I'm running the 6.1km on Friday evening and the 10.5 on Sunday! I'll probably regret it due to teacher exhaustion, but I bet it will be awesome! Epic!

Until then...

Happy Running,
Heather :) 
Are you running Epic?

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