Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Johnny Miles 10k!

Hey there!

This past Sunday I raced a 10k!!! I actually did it and I lived to tell the tale. (I dread the shorter fast races since I have no idea how to run them).

Matthew and I entered the Johnny Miles Running event as my first ever half marathon in 2009! That was like when dinosaurs ruled the earth I believe. Since then it has had a little bit of a special place in our minds, even though it's not been all sunshine, PBs, glitter and glam. ;)

The 10k was hard. There were no easy parts. I'm definitely not where I want to be, but I'll get there.

Thanks Tom for the finish line photo!!!
Matt and I got up super early and hit the road at 6:15 for the drive to New Glasgow. I had my oatmeal and almonds to go. And of course coffee.

There was quite a long line for race kit pick up but we ran into Marg and Tom who arrived around the same time as us. We got a pre-race selfie and did a short warm up before the run.

It was a gorgeous day in New Glasgow...

Not a cloud in the sky

At the start line we ran into several other running friends and before I knew it we were off!

The thing about ten k races that I dislike is that it's guts out from the gun, unlike a marathon where you can just settle into a groove. I immediately got stressed about how fast I wanted to run this race and at how heavy I felt. I've been taking many doses of allergy meds for my crazy allergy attacks and they make me feel sluggish. But I tried not to think about it.

This year they made a slight change to the course and it was noticeable pretty much immediately at the start. We headed straight up a slight hill after the bridge instead of the quick left that we usually did.

My feet felt like they were going pretty fast and I couldn't imagine maintaining this pace for the remainder of the race. I was getting hot quick, and to be honest I didn't even think it was that hot out, lol.

First mile 6:56...yes, too fast. But to be fair, everyone around me blasted out!

I was eager for the downhill that I knew was coming just before the 5k mark and it felt like it took forever. Yes, it was that sort of day.

Miles 2 and 3 - 7:07 each. That was  more like it, but then when we hit the trail and my feet hit the gravel, my effort level felt tremendously harder. That coupled with the winding rolling trail just mentally did something to me. Mile 4 - 7:31...yikes! I was starting to pack it in...but then I started passing a bunch of runners, so I knew they were struggling too. Mile 5 - 7:24...Oh come on Heather!!!! 1 mile and a bit...get your butt going!

When we got out of the trail and back onto pavement I was like, "THANK GOODNESS!" I immediately saw Craig since he had just headed back for loop two at the turn around for the half marathon. Then I got to the 10k turn around and I knew I was headed to the finish and almost done this beast of a short race. 

I looked and saw Stacey and then got back to work. I was in the zone and working hard to get fast steps in. Lots of people yelled, "Go Heather!" I enjoy having the names on race bibs. 

Mile 6- 7:15

Tim Chesnutt took the above photo as I was crossing the bridge on the way to the finish. I usually wave, smile or pose, lol, but I was so beat I couldn't even muster up enough juice to give a thumbs up. Plus, I realized that I'd already hit 10km and was not at the finish! 

I ran faster and faster with the last 0.35 of a mile at 6:47. 

I love the Johnny finish and I couldn't wait to make the turn!!!! 

Tom snapped this picture as I sprinted up the street to the finish!

 And then there was puke....two big gushes. Don't worry, it was mostly water. ;)

 I was so surprised to be the 5th female overall and 1st in my age category!!!
Ugh, long course. :( I was not the only one with a couple extra hundred metres.

45:39 official chip time and lots of post 10k smiles!

We headed up to cheer on Matt and Craig in the half.

 Matt finished third overall in 1:23:06!

Look at our loot! 
 I did not get a PB but I am not upset. I am motivated. Now I just have to find a new course to try it on and get some good solid speed training in over the summer when I'm not #teachertired. ;)

Always a good time at the Johnny Miles Running Event! And the best food bags! Chicken wraps, chips, fruit, granola and water!!!

Thank you for checking in on the GGR running rambles. Have a beautiful day!

Next up is the EPIC Canadian Running Weekend!!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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