Sunday, 8 April 2018

1 Week Until The Boston Marathon!

Wow guys, this is really happening!
On January 1st when we began Boston training April seemed like an eternity away. And today I look at the calendar saying, "April 8th," in total disbelief. How did we get here so quickly??? Jan. - April was a blip and yet 800m repeats feel like they last forever!

After my last post I hit up the Taper mode with full force. Extra Netflix time, leg massage, stretching, using the dreaded lacrosse ball, shorter runs, and an overall feeling of being more relaxed. My body needs this. It's definitely signalling me. I've been fighting a throat virus of some kind that is just there reminding me that it won't take much to make me sick so I'd better watch my back. ;) 

I've also been fueling like a boss:
 Haha, I promise, I only had ONE pack of these that were mysteriously left on my desk at school. ;)

I am eating other things besides chocolate:
We love Taco Pasta in this house!

Even though our Sunday Long Runs have gotten much shorter we still meet up so we can suffer together. :D 
We took this photo this morning, after more tries than I'd like to admit, lol. Now at 7:00 everything is covered in snow...for real. 

I've also begun packing for Boston!

Our Runner Passports arrived last week and that's when it really sank in just how close the marathon was!

I had a really tough decision to make this week: 
Which socks would you pick???? I think I know which ones I'm going with but I'd love to get  your opinion.
Lola thought she would model my tank, just to help make decisions easier for me, lol. 

Yesterday the BLT Runners had our monthly Jog and Joe in Halifax with coffee and bagels at Aerobics First after! I forgot how much I love bagels. :D 
We even ran up Citadel Hill two times, which is probably why I'm heading off now to foam roll my calves, LOL! 

This week is going to zoom by I just know it! So much to do! Most of my day will probably be spent stalking the Boston weather. Priorities right?! 

What do you do to prepare in the week before your marathon???
Do you choose your race outfit long in advance?

Thanks for checking in guys! I can't believe after so much hard work and winter running the trip is almost here. Have an amazing day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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