Monday, 19 March 2018

The Moose Run!

Happy Monday to you. :) 

Well it was back to the routine today with the conclusion of March Break and you could almost hear the collective sigh of students and teachers alike as you entered school...but truthfully it was refreshing (even if I was functioning in slow motion) to get back to predictability and the daily grind. One of my students even made me a necklace! How sweet. <3
The Monday after March Break wouldn't be complete without a little case of the DOMS brought on by the annual Moose Run 25k race. Famous for it's elevation with many inclines and declines, it is a race many locals use as a tune up for Spring Marathons...many around here are running Boston or Fredericton. 

 We all headed over to Cow Bay and met at the starting point, The Buffalo Club, for a pre-race photo op.

I wanted to get a little bit of a longer run in for the day so I ran 3.5 miles before the run nice and easy and that would give me about 30km for the day. 

My plan was to take it nice and easy since last weekend's race pace run left me with a tight lower left calf. Stacey and I ran together while the rest of the group worked on pacing. 
 It was calming to know that there were no pace expectations on this Sunday long run disguised as a race. ;) It sure made tackling those steep inclines more appealing, LOL.
 It was one of those weird winter weather days where the wind was biting at your face and then the sun was doing it's best to get you to take your jacket off. Literally as I typed this I was reminded of a story some of my students like to read called "The Wind and The Sun," where they were arguing over who was more powerful so they 'fight' to get the man to take off his coat...sorry, teacher brain!

And as I've said many times before, this route is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am grateful for the free photos from a spectator/photographer on the course route. :)

Stacey and I chatted along the way and for the most part it is an out and back route. What I mean I guess is that you go down a little side street at the start that you don't go down on the way back, but other than that it's an out and back. At one point I did ask Stacey if "We've been climbing for a long time," and she replied "Definitely an incline!" I can clearly see that now as we neared the half way point. Some hills were obvious, and others were those sneaky ones that look sort of flat, but are really gradual inclines...Those are not my favourite.
We stopped for water, gels (which I dropped), and selfies! That was my kind of race. ;) 

We were both so thirsty at the last water stop where we saw Mandi and Maura! They gave us lots of water since we were the only runners there. I drank three cups! It was funny too because since it was so cold out the water had the thinnest layer of ice on the top of some of the cups! It was quite refreshing. 
This photo was actually after the first water stop and I'm pretty sure we are just finishing our sips here, lol.

Again this year as we crossed the finish there was warm chilli that was free for the runners. The race is also free but people donate various amounts. 

The route was quite a bit shorter than 25km and ended up being something like 24.75 but that was fine by us since we were ready to call it a day! 

This is a fantastic race that is well run with a bit of a challenging course if  you ever get the urge to get Moosed! 

Buffalo...not a Moose! ;)

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog and reading my fake-race recap, lol. 

Have a great day and Happy Running,
Heather :)

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  1. Didn't all that water slosh around in your belly? Love the scenic route!