Sunday, 17 September 2017

Maritime Race Weekend Tidal Trail 15k!

Oh my goodness! This weekend was FILLED with running! I can't believe it's almost Monday again! ;)

So yesterday I took part in the first ever Tidal Trail 15k put on by Michelle of Maritime Race Weekend. I was really excited to try it out because it was held on the Salt Marsh Trail which is a trail I've NEVER run on in my life!

Saturday was super hot! I kept thinking of all the runners taking part in morning events and our 15k race wouldn't start until 4:00 p.m. I liked that part because I got to sleep in a bit after racing hard at the 5k the night before. 

Flat Heather was laid out for race #2 of the weekend!

I headed over to pick up Marg and we headed off with some handy directions from Tom!

The pre-race gathering area.

Oh boy, it was hot and humid!

I liked the colour-coded bib system this year! It's like corrals at the big marathons and lines the runners up based on pace. Michelle called us down to the start area by colour and then we were off!

I borrowed this one from Atlantic Chip...thanks!
 Marg and I ran the first two miles super fast lol but to be fair it was easily done with the downhill. then we quickly realized that this pace would not be doable on such a hot day and toned it down. After that the trail was totally flat. I kept commenting on how beautiful the trail was! I REALLY wish I took photos along the route. There are parts where there is water on both sides and it's super cool! When I saw water I was hoping for a cool breeze but it never came. :(

It became tricky for Marg and I to run side by side because of the trail. I tried to run in the tire ruts because there were some larger rocks in the gravel that I wanted to avoid.

I began walking the water stops and pouring water all over. It was so When I reached 11k I decided that I just wanted this to be done! I saw some fast and fit runners stopping and walking so I just tried to keep a steady pace without killing myself.

My legs surprisingly weren't too bad considering the 5k the night before. This made me happy.

At 13k I saw a SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MC was running slightly behind me and at the finish she told me she heard me shriek! LOL.

I thought, "leave it to me to be alone in the trail and a snake appears!" It was pure motivation to run

Finishing was super cool! There was a girl just behind me but I had the finish line to myself when I crossed. I saw the photographer and tried not to look like death. ;)

Because we did the twosome we got a medal for the 5k, a medal for the 15k and a medal for the twosome! MRW does bling right! 

And post-race food!!!!!!!!!!!

HELLO CUPCAKES! A visually impaired runner married her Guide at the finish line so cupcakes were a part of the celebration. <3

Dreams do come true. Just keep believing! ;)

9.3 miles

Because our race started late afternoon I missed seeing Matt and my running friends race in the morning events. :( You'll be glad to hear so many of them did amazing and got huge PBs!

HUGE thanks to Mizuno and tiux for decking me out in top of the line gear!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to ALL the runners who raced this weekend and congrats to Michelle for pulling off another stellar event! See you next year!

Thanks for stopping by to hear my racing rambles. Have a great day!!!
How was your weekend of running???
Ever race a super hot race?

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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