Saturday, 16 September 2017

Maritime Race Weekend Sunset 5k!!!

Yay it's the weekend!!!!!!!

I was completely exhausted this week trying to keep up with my first graders, fight a head cold and train. Yeah, this back to teaching business isn't easy, lol.

Last night I decided that I'd still take part in the Sunset 5k at Maritime Races because I love the event and the virus was in my head which meant I was still able to run.

Marg and Tom picked me up and we headed over to Eastern Passage during rush hour traffic. Tom's driving got us here on time with excellent parking though. :)

We took our "Before" shot of course...

I didn't have very high expectations with beating my last year time (20:57) because I was so tired! 

Marg and I headed out for a short 4km warm up and we were sweating with the humidity! I kept hoping the sun would hurry up and set! lol. 

I love that the race kit has tattoos!!!!!

At the horn we were off and 2000 runners stormed the streets of Eastern Passage!

Michelle definitely outdid herself this year in race planning! There were musicians on the race route playing the fiddle and a whole ton of motivational signs! I just loved it. Another thing about this race that I enjoy is that it's an out and back so you get to see a lot of runners as you make the turn. It's pretty motivating when you hear your name being called by friends. I tried to give as many thumbs up as I could but I was getting so tired and fighting to stay on pace....which I did too fast at the start lol --> Hello 6:20 first mile!

I kept chugging along and visualized all the speed workouts I'd done. Some of them with Stacey where I felt like I left it all out on the trail and that really helped me get through the tough part at the end, especially the last km.

Somehow I kept it sub 7 for the entire 3.1 mile course and finished with a 25 second PB off of last year's race with a 20:32! I was stunned and exhausted.
Thanks Bruce Nelson for capturing me in all my glory lol. ;) 
4:06 pace/km
6:36 pace/mile
A new PB!

Our medals light up!!!!

Lola and Matt always come to cheer on the runners. <3

All my BLT runner pals did amazing too!!!! Thanks Annette for the photo!

And big congrats to Matt who ran the 10km this morning in 36:41!!!! 

This afternoon Marg and I are heading over to do the Tidal Trail 15k. No racing plans, lol just a steady run together. 

Thanks for checking in and congratulations to all the runners!
Did you run any events at MRW???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Awesome job! I love the atmosphere of the sunset 5k!

  2. Amazing!! You are constantly inspiring me Heather!!

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