Monday, 4 September 2017

GGR Weekly RUNdown!

Hey everyone!

Happy Labour Day!!! I hope you're enjoying some time today doing what you love. For me that means taking a rest day after a crazy hard run yesterday and doing all the things I planned to do earlier in the summer around the house! I still can't believe tomorrow I go back to school?!? The kids don't arrive until Thursday but until then there's some PD and planning happening. At least the physical preparation of room design is done!

LOL, anyhow here's how my week of training looked:

Monday: Technically this was a rest day but I went to school and did a ton of stuff! There was a lot of lifting and I was actually exhausted when I got home.
This photo is when you enter the room. It was taken Thursday afternoon and not on Monday but you get the idea. :)

Tuesday: 11 miles for my medium long run. Can I just say that training is pretty intense right now? If I'm not running long, I'm running fast. And there is not enough food in this house for two runners heavy into marathon training, am I right???

Wednesday: Easy 6 miles along the BLT trail. :)
  And I came home feeling like I was being watched, lol.

Thursday: Oh dear - after my last very physical day of lifting and classroom prep Stacey was so nice to join me for speed work! 800s are NOT my jam! I had a 4 mile warm up and Stacey ran 2 of them with me. Then we headed up to the paved part of the trail for the 800s. I have to tell you it was the hottest most humid day of the week and the next day was like freezing out?!
 800s are tough but there were 2 minutes of rest in between intervals which we were thankful for!!!

Friday: Yay, a rest day and Girl's Night!!!!
I love going out and enjoying food and laughs with my running friends! And the food was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried out the Street Tacos at Moxies and you can ask Marg what happened to her extra sweet potato fries that she couldn't finish. LOL..... #marathontraining #alwaysRUNgry

Saturday: I tried out my new swag from Mizuno and although the shorts were a bit long for my short legs I tucked the waist band and they were perfect! The Alpha shorts are actually really great for running since they're super lightweight! And did I mention how much I love all the teal????
5 easy miles + 8 strides
 For dinner I tried out a recipe I saw on facebook for chow mein and it was a huge hit!

Sunday: I had a super intimidating long run/workout on Sunday. I was nervous about it all week!!!! Does that ever happen to you?

I had 6 miles at recovery pace, 12 miles at marathon pace (clearly I was being ambitious) and 2 miles warming down. I was so proud of myself for not stopping ONCE until I reached 18 miles!!!! Then I seriously thought I was going to drink ALL the liquids in Halifax. After a fantastic drink of Gatorade I slogged my way home with a bloody toe from a sharp toenail corner....ouch!
 I hate blood. :(

Lola helped me refuel.

And so did Matt! Salvatore's for the win!

52.1 miles for the week (83.9km)

Thanks again to everyone who stops in to check out GGR! Have a beautiful day!!!!
Is anyone in your household heading Back to School?
Any September races on the horizon?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


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