Sunday, 10 September 2017

GGR Weekly RUNdown: The One Where I Went Back to School!

Happy Sunday RUNday!

Congrats to all my running friends who ran races this weekend!!! The Fall Racing Season has begun! This coming Friday will be the Maritime Race Weekend 5k that starts a whole weekend of racing. I'll be doing the Sunset 5k this year and the Tidal Trail 15k. Are you racing any of the MRW events?

Here's a look at what my week of training and heading back to school looked like:

Monday: Rest day but I did do a lot of things around the house on my last day off of Summer Vacation.

Tuesday: 11 miles after an organizational day at school. This run felt long and I think it was because I was running in the evening and not the morning as I'd become used to on my many days off of work.

Wednesday: 5 easy miles at 8:40 pace after a full day of PD and getting ready for the little ones to arrive the next day!

Thursday: Okay so this was my first day with the new little grade ones and it was busy! First off it was like tropical weather out and the heavy rains created a completely indoor day and for six year olds being used to Summer vacation this was interesting! LOL. I was so tired after school I decided to switch my rest day (Friday) with speed work (Thursday). Yeah, not such a great idea but we'll get to that later.

Friday: A much smoother day at school meant I'd try my speed work after school. It was tough but I got it done! 4 mile warm up, 5 x 1km at VO2 max with 3 minutes rest in between and a 2 mile cool down. I was toast when I finished!

Saturday: A very slow paced 6 miles since speed work sucked all the juice out of my legs the evening before.
 I have to laugh at my crazy hair LOL!  Lola will take any opportunity for a photo.

After the run I got a haircut!

Sunday: Oh my goodness, 22 miles. Yeah. That was long.

I was so thankful Marg agreed to run most of it with me! I headed out 45 minutes earlier to get in an extra 5 miles before we met (because her long run was shorter and I hate running alone after my running buds are done....the worst!). We ran the trail and I thought it was quite humid. I dressed for rain showers as the weather app implied there would be but it was just warm bright sticky sun. 22 miles at 8:41 pace.
I am becoming a pro at hydration!
Beet/berry/spinach smoothie

Week total: 53.4 miles (86km)

And LOOK!!!!! Only 4 weeks until the Chicago marathon!!!!!!!! 

Thank you to all the GGR readers and I love when you stop by!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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  1. Awesome week!! Taper is so close :)
    Glad you survived your first week back.
    Love the hair ;)