Friday, 1 September 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday!!!!!

This is my LAST weekend of Summer Vacation! :( My classroom is ready to go and I can honestly say that the physical labour of moving furniture and decorating all week along with training has me zonked!!!!!

So you can probably guess what my number 1 is...

1. My classroom is ready!!!!!!!! And I just found out that instead of teaching a combined 1/2 I'll have a straight grade 1 class! I'm super excited and nervous to meet my new little friends. :)

From another angle....
P.S. Trapezoid tables are HEAVY!!!! 
2. One afternoon after classroom prep I came home and my neighbour came out with some homemade pie for me!!!! I was so tired and hungry I could have cried.

3. Speed work!!!!!!!
Does anyone else get a belly flip flop when you know there is speed work on the, just me? There's something so super scary about it and I guess for me it would be stepping outside of the comfort zone of the "I can run this pace forever," into the "Dear mother of God why is my stomach on fire and why are my legs turning to jello?!" pace.

I'm not sure what my runner hair is doing here, but I don't care because Stacey and I finished a tough workout!!!! We did 5 800m intervals at VO2 max on a hot hot hot day!
Bravo Stacey and Heather...Bravo.
I love checking out the pace graph at the end.

4. Lola isn't too pleased about my return to work. ;)

She has really gotten used to sleeping in and long morning walks. Sigh, until the next school break.
"Do not disturb." 

5. Mizuno sent me a new Fall swag bag!!!
I'm very excited to try it all out!!!! Not pictured are my new Wave Sky shoes and trucker hat. :D

Thanks again guys for stopping by the GGR blog space! Have a wonderful weekend!!!
What are your weekend running plans???
Speed work - love it or hate it?

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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  1. Yay to teaching all the same grade and not a split class! I bet you were super excited to see all the teal in your mizuno bag!