Monday, 3 July 2017

My Weekly Rundown With a 5k Thrown Into The Mix!

Hey everyone!

I am officially on SUMMER VACATION!!!! Even typing those words felt great. :D

Last week is actually sort of a blur for me. Between teaching, running, being at home and moving things from work to my new school, I was just toast.
How do teachers accumulate so much stuff?!
Let's see how I did for running:

Monday: As much as I didn't want to run on Monday, Michelle from Maritime Race Weekend was making a special visit to the BLT Monday Run as a part of her Run Tour. Obviously I wasn't going to miss that! After the 16 mile run the previous day, this run felt heavy! Marg, Norma and I ran 4.75 miles and not having an even 5 miles didn't matter at all to me that day! LOL.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I had an easy 8 miles on the plan. My body was exhausted and I made the decision on that run to take a rest day the next day.

I did run up one of my favourite hills on the run....can you guess which one??? LOL

Wednesday: REST DAY!!!! Well, I should say a running rest day. Work was still very busy with moving things to the new school. I have no photos from that day but here's a cute photo of Lola from that morning. <3

Thursday: Okay, I rested the day previous so Thursday's speed work shouldn't completely kill me right? ;)  The workout was 3 miles warming up, 8 x 2 minutes at 10k pace (I have no idea what that is right now but I go from 7-7:10/mile), with a 2 mile cool down. I was so excited that it was my last run on a school night for a long time!!!!!

Friday: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! I was actually really sad when I left but I tried to make a fun day for the kids. :) We did "Starbucks with Ms. Callaghan" and they were delighted. Starbucks donated a class set of cups for me and I had these beautiful "Owl Miss You" cookies made by Abby! The kids watched a movie, chatted and drank lemonade with their cookies. It was a great way to end the year. Oh and they also decorated a dress again for me to wear!!

If only the Gap could see what I did to their dress! LOL
My bare empty classroom looks so sad in this photo with everything packed up.
After work I had my LAST massage with YEE. :( :( :(  She moved to the other side of the country and I've been going to her for my runner leg problems for years now. Any recommendations for a RMT in the area?????

Later Matt took me out to celebrate the start of Summer Vacation and there may have been nachos...

Saturday: Matt and I decided to do the Bedford 5k to Beat Lung Cancer on Sunday!!!! Therefore I only ran 4 miles easy on the trail followed by 4 strides. Nothing eventful to report other than I saw Marg at the very end!

Sunday: Okay so it was raining cats and dogs all day Saturday and of course when we went to the race on Sunday. I had no big plans for this race other than to use it as a good speed workout if anything. I knew a PB was not in sight since my PB came at the end of my seriously intense marathon training last September and I am nowhere near that now, but I am happy with how it went. :)

I laid out flat Heather and with Matt and I planning to continue on with our long runs after the race I knew I'd need another outfit because of the heavy rain.
 And I also took extra shoes!

I ran 2.5 miles as a warm up and was completely soaked when I was done and headed up to the start line. There were very few people there, partially due to weather and the fact that the Epic Canadian events were also going on in Dartmouth that had a lot of runners. Oh well, a quaint little 5k was still fine by me.

The only other women I knew there were Natalie and Tonya. At the horn we all headed off down towards shore drive and my plan was to stick around 7:00-7:10 pace. There's a bit of a downhill at the beginning and my first mile was 6:59. The narrow trail that you're on for a couple hundred metres was full of deep puddles! My feet were sloshing.

It was raining so hard and my hat kept popping up with the wind I kept my head down. When I looked up, Tonya who was ahead of me ran past the turnaround point! I yelled out to her and slowed down to wait. She sort of caught up but I felt like she was hanging back. I felt wrong sprinting ahead because she ran too far past, completely not her fault since the volunteer was sitting in the car (likely to stay dry) so I slowed a bit to allow her to get back in the lead. I don't think the volunteer noticed Tonya and I coming. :S

I kept checking my shoulder for her hoping she'd blow past me...but she stayed a few steps behind literally. She's very fast and could definitely have passed me.

Natalie took these photos of me coming back up Shore Drive just after the turnaround confusion. Thanks!!!

After Shore Drive you go back out past the start line and onto a dock. Again, there was confusion on where to turn. I knew where to turn since I did my warmup out there but Tonya yelled "Stop!" to me thinking I went too far, lol. There were some pretty sharp tuns on slippery flooded brick as we made our way back to the finish along the waterfront so we really had to watch our footing. It was quite wet and confusing for us yesterday. Either way we finished just steps apart me first and her second. I still had lots of fun!
 Matt did awesome also! 18:XX and second place!!!!

I do love this race. You get a medal and the registration was only $20!

These shoes were soooooooo wet!
My Garmin paused when we were having our turnaround troubles, but my official time including stops was 21:54. I'm happy with that. :)
 After the run I ran 8 sloooooow miles to make 13 for the day. That put me at 1000 miles for the year!

 Thanks sooo much for taking the time to check in on GGR. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You ran a great race in the rain! Congrats to you and Matt.
    The nachos look so goooooood :)

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