Tuesday, 25 July 2017

GGR Weekly Rundown Pre-Tely 10!

Hello everyone!

This weekly rundown is definitely late but I am a little OCD about recording my training so here it is in the week leading up to my best Tely 10 yet!

Monday: Nothing at all. I can't even remember much about this day and on my paper copy training plan I wrote a big fat 0 with a line through it. I guess I needed some REST. ;) I did pack that day though.

Tuesday: Because I was racing on Sunday I did my Thursday speed work on Tuesday, (This is what Greg suggested I do last year so I followed it again this year). This workout included a 3 mile warm up which I did very conservatively since my legs were still feeling Sunday's 18 miler. Then there were 6 miles at Marathon pace (7:30-7:49....I know, I know, but to be fair the fastest mile was going down the Post Office hill and the slowest was going up the same hill. I didn't take this hill into account on the super humid day when I headed out to do this workout). Then I chugged my Gatorade at mile 9 and headed home with a one mile warm down. 10 miles total in 1:20:54.
I need to find a new spot to prop the phone for self-timed pics lol. 

Wednesday: So Wednesday was my flight to Newfoundland and it was early afternoon so I thought I had tons of time to get things done-even a quick unexpected vet visit to get Lola's eyes checked. I'm a crazy dog mom by the way. After that I squeezed in a short 5 mile recovery run and it was close to lunch then so let's just say it was hot! 5 sluggish miles at 8:25 pace/mile. Lola and Matt drove me to the airport after that. <3

Thursday: Running in Newfoundland!!!!! If you see my sister who I was staying with please tell her I am not happy she bought her house on the top of a mountain. Thank you. ;) I had 11 miles to run on Thursday and I had no clue where I was going but most of the run went up up up UP! I just kept telling myself that this was making me stronger and my dad had made some out of this world "Snowball cookies" that I used as motivation to finish, LOL. 11 miles at 8:36 pace.

 So happy to be done I didn't even take a clear photo!

Seriously. He puts a secret ingredient in them that makes them soooooo delicious!

Friday: Rest day!
Trudy took me down to the Remax Centre to get my bib and I got soooooo nervous lol.

Ready for my 8th Tely 10!
I posted this photo with me having my hair pinned up and everyone thought I cut it all off lol.

We went to The Big's for the nachos I crave 364 days of the year....mmm!

So this snapchat filter I used is annoying me a bit here but you get the idea.

Saturday: I had an early 5 miles plus 4 strides so I basically looped the neighbourhood to avoid hills. Total was 5.5 miles at 8:39 pace. I was sure to take it easy on race eve! Doug and Lilly thought I should have a rest day. He literally sat on me as I put my shoes on lol.

Representing BLT at the Pearlgate Track!

For the rest of the day I explored St. John's area with family.

Cape Spear has a lot of steps for race eve (cough) Carla! LOL.

We saw so many whales! It was cool.

Michael took this pano photo with my phone that we filtered! Isn't it cool?!

Carla and I. :)

We also went to see the amazing rocks of Middle Cove!

 Then we went home and race nerves set in big for the Tely!!!!!

Sunday: Tely 10! I'm going to do a full recap later today but the basics are:
-3 mile warm up
-10 mile race at a blazing fast pace for me that I still can't believe!!!!
-Family support and spectator support goes a long way!
-racing with friends adds so much excitement!
-big puke at the finish....did you expect anything less???
-3 minute PB!
-Smiles for days!
Weekly mileage total: 44.9...seriously. Why didn't I check earlier? I could have easily managed a 0.1 extra lol.

Thanks again guys! I love when you stop by. :)

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. OMG congrats on the PB, 3 minutes is huge!
    Cape Spear and Middle Cove it all looks so beautiful and whales are super cool :)
    Is your Dad a pro?! the cookies look so good!

    1. Thanks Karen! My dad is not a professional but he has much experience baking! Everything he makes is delicious :-)

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