Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday 5!

You know, I really like doing Friday 5 posts and I haven't done one in a while so today I'm doing it! :D
I laughed a little too hard taking this picture so I had to randomly share it on this post LOL.

1. I had a really tight hamstring so I paid Jeff at Nova Physiotherapy a visit. While I was there we had a great heart to heart....and by "heart to heart" I mean I whined while he poked dry needles in both hammies and my right calf! YOWZA!!!!
Like what is even going on with my hair?! LOL
 I got it chopped a few days later! :D
Hair cut requirements for Jenn: "It MUST go into a ponytail!" #runnerprobs

2. This running movie popped up on my "Suggestions for you" section on Netflix so obviously I watched it. It's a bit of a cheesy love story with lots of running in it! I did like it a lot and I immediately thought about the main actor who would have to be in pretty decent shape for this role. Just a thought.

3. This tank is basically me LOL!
4. Stacey tried to kill me. ;)

Okay, really what happened was she invited me to join in on her speed workout (seriously all I heard was "VO2 Max" x 5) and I was like, "I can't. I have to go let a bunch of bees sting me later." 

But because she asked so nicely lol I willingly went to the suffer fest. 

3 mile warm up and THEN 5 x 1km at VO2 max followed by 2 minutes of rest after each km. We took more like 3 minutes. And then we slogged through a warm down at the end. Without getting into all the stats, we ran side by side...without talking obviously-except for that super jolly man walking who said, "Good morning!" and we both sort of grunted at him lol. Several times I definitely would have stopped or at least slowed significantly if she wasn't right there. It's great to have someone motivate you through the workouts! (our kms were 4:03, 3:54, 4:01, 4:02 and  4:07-actually my Garmin paused twice when I hit start which was very annoying because it added on seconds, but Stacey's Garmin had us with 3/5 km under 4 minutes!!!). 

When I added the BLT hashtag I thought it looked like a street sign on the pole! LOL
 I love to hate Speed Work. It's a necessary evil.

5. I am embarrassed to say I went for my first bike ride of the year!!! It was a gorgeous day out and I was resting from running I usually do on Fridays, so I headed out onto the trail for 21km.

Thanks a bunch for stopping in to read the running rambles of GGR. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,

Heather :)

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  1. Always better to have a friend in the suffer fest with you LOL Ya'll did great :)
    The tank is hilarious! and Lola too!