Sunday, 11 June 2017

GGR Weekly Rundown!

I really hope where you are is as beautiful and sunny as it is here in Halifax! At first I was a bit annoyed that Summer made an early appearance while I'm still teaching---we had a deal so I could focus on report cards Mother Nature! But it was so hard to not get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

p.s. The Mizuno weightless tanks are amazing for hot summer runs!

Monday: My Monday was awesome because I got home from work and these beautiful Mizuno Wave Sky shoes arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was crazy excited!!! 

It was also the one year birthday of the BLT Runners!!!! We celebrated in style post run with a delicious Costco cake...mmm!
LOL I had to post this photo of the BLTlyweds...just kidding! 
Look at the turnout! Don't forget we meet on Mondays at the Coke Plant 6:30 and NO ONE runs alone!

 "Heck yeah, I'll take a corner piece!" 
Thanks for the Cake!
Tuesday: On Tuesday I did 7 miles plus 6 strides at the end. Nothing stood out on this post run cake or anything. But I did refuel with tacos!

And I listened to this song on repeat. I tend to do

So much deliciousness!

Wednesday: Oh my goodness Wednesday was Global Running Day as you probably know, and I wasn't exactly sure when I'd fit my run in because we had a retirement dinner after school for our Phys. Ed. teacher Brad! It was so delicious but I was reminded why I shouldn't run on a full belly of pasta....oh boy! It felt like a brick was in my belly the whole 4 miles. 
It was almost 9 before I left for my run but I wasn't going to miss running on GRD!!!
 Another great mail day!!!! Maritime Races sent out these little medal hangy things to add to the medals for Age Category awards! I love that idea!
This year at MRW I'm doing the Sunset 5k and Saturday afternoon 15km trail run! 

Thursday: I was soooo tired on Thursday I did not want to all. The only thing that pushed me out the door was that Friday would be a rest day and I was looking forward to that. #teachertired
Facebook told me on Satuday that I had my Garmin for one year now!!! 
The funny thing about this run was that I was all sad a few weeks ago because a Strava segment I created was never showing up on my runs. I realized when I got home and uploaded my run that it DID work...I was just running it in the wrong direction! LOL.

p.s. Now that I know how to create segments Strava users, expect to see them pop up all over my runs! ;)

Friday: My Friday sort of sucked. :( I had to leave work at lunch because my eye was very irritated and swollen..and RED! I went to the doctor and got some medicine so my leg massage was cancelled for the day because I couldn't imagine laying face down for an hour with an inflamed eye. 

Saturday: Saturday I felt a bit better but the sun was blazing! I left way to late for my run, (which was planned speed work). It did not go as planned but I still got in a few fast miles. 3 mile warm up, 3.1 miles hard and 2 mile cool down.
Matt aqnd Lola are the best 
Matt and I enjoyed some Saturday nachos later that day!

Sunday: Today I wanted to do a sort of longish run but not too long. So I decided between 10-13 miles would be good. I slogged through the heat once again for 12.5 miles and when I got home I drank ALL THE LIQUIDS!!!! 
Check out the mirror! <3
 Week total: 43.2 miles.

Well how was your week? Did you celebrate Global Running Day?

Thanks for checking in on GGR!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. That is an awesome note with your AG award :) Very sweet!
    I did get out on GRD, I had fallen the day before but I wasn't going to miss it lol and it was unbelievably nice here last week, sadly the crazy humidity returned now and I am back to whining LOL
    Great week Heather.

  2. I was only able to get a mile in for GRD before heavy rain sent me back inside. I ran extra miles the next day to make up for it :)

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