Monday, 19 June 2017

Another Week, Another Rundown!

Hey everyone!

I hope your week was super fab! Me, I'm just trying to stay afloat during these last two weeks of school. So. Much. To. Do. And I don't believe I told you but I'm moving schools next year! It was very tough decision to leave a school that I love. But I will be teaching the exact same grades (1/2) closer to home. :)

Before we get going let me share my two favourite running tunes with you!

And!!!!!!!!!!! Let the tune kick in....I love it!

On Monday I met up with the BLT runners for another great short run along the Rails to Trails. I love how many people turn out for it!!! In the summer I'll definitely be able to attend more of these runs. 

On Tuesday when the humidity made the air feel like 33 degrees, Stacey invited Marg and I out for speed work! LOL, gulp. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to hit the paces planned but it was pretty awesome once we got going. We were covered in bugs and one even got stuck to my eyeball so Marg pulled it off!

We did a 3k warm up with 1k fast/1kslow 5x plus a cool down. Check out our graph:
We were so proud of ourselves when we were done!

On Wednesday I ran really easy for a little over 5 miles. I took one of those on the run selfies, and I look like I'm airborne!

On Thursday I got my butt kicked with 1 minute hill sprints! There was a 3 mile warm up followed by 8x 1 minute up hill and jog downs. I cooled down with super duper noodle legs.

On Friday my only workout I did was lift candy to my mouth...seriously. Then after work I had my legs worked on and Yee found some real goodies in my calves, yikes!

On Saturday it was rainy so my running mojo had exited the to speak. Marg and I were texting and we decided to suffer through together in the rain.
 We did 5 easy miles followed by 5 strides and a little warm down. Friends don't let friends run in the rain alone! lol.
Yeah, I'm really hoping this comes out! 
 On Sunday I ran 14 humid solo miles on the trail. It was pretty uneventful really but it felt so good to run on the gravel trail after a hard week of training.
What "BLT" really stands for!
I did stop to take a running selfie during the last two miles though. :)

So there it is! Another week and another school year nearly complete. Time sure flies!!!! Super congrats to all my friends who raced this weekend!!! Everyone did awesome!

How was your week? Weekend? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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