Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday 5-Ottawa in the a.m.!!!

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow Matt and I are headed to the nation's capital because it's Ottawa marathon time! (Actually I'm running the half marathon but Matt is running the FULL MARATHON)! I've never been to Ottawa and to be honest the only bits of it I'll get to see on this trip will be on foot during the race. We are only staying there until Sunday....but I am totally cool with that because Monday is Lola's birthday!!!
I had to share this crazy photo of Lola! It's one of my faves!

I thought I'd do a Friday 5 post to head into the weekend so here it goes:

 1. On Sunday Marg, Courteney and I cheered on our friends at the Blue Nose! On Saturday I got to cheer on my running club kids at the Youth run! I was so proud!!!!!!
Check out Stacey destroying her PB by 5 minutes!!!!!
I was very proud of my It got quite a few giggles from runners and it also left me covered in glitter!
 2. The girls and I went to see  Boston the documentary! I'm pretty sure I was brought to tears at least three times.

3. Not running related but how cool is my new Scentsy warmer?!??! I LOVE it!

4. I brought my classroom emoji pillows home to wash and I couldn't resist taking this photo...LOL.

5. I also did a bit of shopping, well not really a lot but new socks and a new unicorn Alex and Ani bracelet!

Lastly here's a snap I took of Lola when I was doing my physio exercises the other night, lol. <3

 Super thanks to Marg for taking care of my beautiful girl while we are away....I think Lola already feels at home. ;)

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog and have a fabulous Friday! Tomorrow this time we'll be in Ottawa!!!!!!!!

Hey look you can track me! Thanks Stacey for letting me Matt is 1827!

Who else is running Ottawa???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You are going to see the best parts, and by foot is the best way! You'll love it! cant wait to read your recap! (First time in a few yrs I'm not running race wkend, but I'll still be there!)

    1. Thanks! I did love it...just I could have done with a little less humidity lol.