Sunday, 9 April 2017

Boston Training: Week 14 of Project PB!

Hey there everyone!

Somehow, we are only 8 days out from the Boston Marathon!!!! Where on Earth did the time go? Don't you remember when everyone was all excited and pumped after Christmas for training to begin?! I sure do!

This week was pretty jam packed with training and other non-running related events including two days of parent-teacher interviews, dentist appointment, vet visit, and the usual errands. I'm very thankful that the mileage component of training is winding down. ;)

Monday: I was a little sore on Monday from my long run with Craig. Thankfully the only thing I had on the schedule was a dentist appointment!

Tuesday: On Tuesday I was so excited when I saw this guy out front...

He brought me these!!!!!!!
Yes, I changed my mind. These will be my new Boston race shoes! <3

Obviously I ran my 7 miles on the plan in them. :D 7 miles at 7:50 avg. pace.

Wednesday: Ugh, this was a rest day, except it was actually pretty crazy exhausting. I had taught all day and talked all night to the parents in interviews. Luckily Matt brought me home Mezza for dinner and it was gone in the blink of an eye.

Thursday: Yep, more Parent-Teacher interviews and but I did muster up enough energy to do my 5 mile recovery run on the treadmill while enjoying some of Bates Motel...I just finished season 4 and I'm like Oh. My. Goodness! I NEED to see the fifth season asap!

Friday: Since I switched my runs again this week speed work landed on Friday yet again! This was a fun one! 3 mile warm up, Fartlek: 8 x 2min @ 8k effort w/1min jog, ~1 mile warm down.
7.5 miles total at 7:50 pace.

I followed that with some stretching and planking.
plank with alternating leg lifts.
Saturday: The day after speed work I will not do strides! I have tried in the past but it just fries my hamstrings so I called it a trade and switched the 5 miles easy + 8 strides with 6 miles easy instead. And with that, everyone was happy. :)
I completely overdressed and was totally surprised that Spring had indeed sprung when I was sweating like a champ on the run. Luckily Matt and Lola drove by and I was able to wave him down to toss my jacket in the car. 6 miles @ 8:19.

On my arrival home I whipped up a batch of these...
Matt and I ate superhero muffins almost every day before the Chicago Marathon. 
Sunday: Jennie had a vomit-inducing threshold run planned for today but invited me to join her for her warm up. I gladly did and did my own version of threshold while she ran crazy fast laps around her neighbourhood. It was an amazing weather day!!!!
 I love how Google Photos does an animation for you! Hopefully I uploaded it correctly and you guys can see it! If not, here are the stills (thanks Michael for the photos!), lol--->

I have to tell  you that these are the first ever pair of running tights I owned!!! They are Mizuno and they have many many miles in them, but still holding strong!

I logged 10 miles total in 1:17:56 7:47 avg. pace. There were 14 easy miles on the plan so don't tell Greg! LOL. The week before a marathon I like to keep the 'long run' short and sweet, especially if I'm pushing the pace a little. The miles are run and now it's time to rest your body while still keeping some of that momentum going. Or at least that's my philosophy. ;)

Weekly total: 35.5!!!! Love tapering!
What are your thoughts on tapering?
Any Boston advice for us?!?!!?!

Thanks again for following me on another marathon training journey! Marathon training is tough so it's amazing to have so many supporters!
Boston is in 8 days!!!! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)