Sunday, 12 February 2017

Project PB: Week 6!

Week 6, the week of "Stamina!" Well, at least that was the focus of this week's training. 

You know, as Sia says. ;)  But if you live in Nova Scotia you are probably feeling like it was the "Week of Snow!" We've had two storms already with another big one arriving tonight! I'm having horrific flashbacks of the Winter of 2015 where Boston Training was quite interesting!
Remember this?!?!?!?
And this?!?!??!!?!?

And here's the weekly rundown:

Monday: Rest day!!! And as I mentioned on Friday, Mitch gave me my weekly dose of needles to help with the quad tightness. OUCHY OUCH OUCH!

11 miles around the hood, and things felt pretty good! I'm always tempted to run fast on Tuesdays but then I remember that I'll pay dearly for speedy I pull in the reigns. ;)

Wednesday: It was a snow day! Well it quickly turned to freezing rain and by the time I ran it was pretty mild out! 6 easy miles at 8:17 pace.

Sam stopped by with scones to go along with our snow day coffee!

And basically Lola did this all day:

Thursday: So on Thursday evening there was supposed to be a Nor' Easter coming through! I was a bit worried because it was Tempo run day! :0 So Matt took Lola to the office with him and I parked at his office immediately after work, ran from there along the COLT trail and then got home with plenty of time to spare! The run was 4 warm up miles, 5 tempo miles and one mile warm down. It was tough!!!!

Friday: Snow day workout at home with this furry chick! I did lots of core work and physiotherapy exercises and stretches. There was no running on Friday and I was thankful. :)

I tested out my Red tiux compression socks on my recovery run today!!!! They are so cool! Don't forget you can get 20% off your very own pair with my discount code HEATHERLCTIUX !!!!

It was sooooo cold! I had 5 easy miles followed by 5 x 15 second hill sprints. Matt and Lola drove by as I was about to begin my hill sprints so I stopped to say hi. :)

Long run day! I usually look forward to the long run but there was some uncertainty about the sidewalks (snow covered), with my hamstrings and the temperature. My hamstrings were very tight so I didn't go too crazy on the hills today, but man the snowy sidewalks sure did add some challenge to my long run! At one point I hopped over to the actual street, which was clear, to avoid the backwards slippage. I just kept telling myself that this struggle with help me get stronger for Boston!

My hose was frozen by the time I took my second drink at 4 miles. I was so bummed. Immediately I started rubbing it with my mitten and then I thought of  a brilliant idea-put the hose in my coat!!! To my surprise it worked!!! I had plenty of fluid for the remainder of my run. :D
There were so many runners out today on the COLT trail! Everyone must have been getting their miles in before the big blizzard arrives I thought to myself.

I finished my 18 miles about 0.4 miles from the house and Matt and Lola were driving by. I quickly hopped in and got them to take me Matt: How was your run? Me: "groan groan groan." LOL.

 Boy am I glad that's over with! LOL. I was so exhausted and cold when I got home!

Sam dropped these off for me post run! I told her that I would run 18 miles every day if I'd come home to these treats! YUM! Thanks again!

I thought some tasty turkey chilli would heat things up post run. :D

Total miles for the week: 51.7

Thanks again for taking a minute to read my space in the blogosphere! Have a wonderful day!

Boston is in 63 days!!! 
Happy running,
Heather :)


  1. Hi Heather. Congrats on your great training. I was so glad to get 15 miles in today before the big snow. I'll be treadmilling for the next few days. Keep up the great work! {Boston or Bust!}

    1. Thanks Doug! I think the t'mill will become a great friend of mine this week! LOL

  2. Keep going strong! Congrats on your 18 miler!

  3. You are getting it done no matter what! I love that determination :) The hose is a great idea.
    Great mileage for the week!

  4. Just ran across your blog... I'll be heading to Boston too, to cheer on my husband. Good luck with your training!
    Love all the snow you have there! I think it's been a pretty dull snow season here in Ohio. Bummer, because I love it so much.

  5. Looks like your PB plan is right on track! You're running the same paces I did when I ran my 3:13s. You're going to rock this!

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