Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday 5!

Happy Friday!!!

I have another snow day today because of the large dosage of Winter that Mother Nature has prescribed for us. Wednesday was also cancelled because the city was coated in ice from a freezing rain/snow storm. Anyway, I thought that since I had some unexpected time on my hands I'd do a Friday 5 post! P.S. Super thanks to Matt for shoveling in the dark cold hours of the morning while Lola and I slept!!!!
Snow day hair, don't care. xoxo

1. Monday wouldn't be Monday without a dose of dry needling! OUCH. Mitch was happy with the muscle jumping that was going on, I on the other hand took this photo with one hand while the other was covering my face with a pillow.

2. I've been saving myself some much needed time in the early morning hours of dark o'clock by preparing my breakfast smoothies the night before. (I took this photo in daylight clearly so that you could actually get a good view). I just throw in my beets, spinach, frozen berries and protein then keep in it the fridge overnight. The next morning I put my banana and almond milk in. It's so quick!

3. Outrunning ANOTHER storm! On Thursday everyone was pretty confident that the Nor' Easter approaching us would basically shut the city down. So I changed into my running gear at work, parked at Matt's office and did my much dreaded Tempo Run on the flattish paved trail near his work. I'm happy to report that the storm didn't begin until an hour or two after I was done! :D

4. My Boston Socks!!!!
I was so excited when my new tiux endurance socks arrived!!!! They're blue and will definitely be a part of my outfit for this year's Boston Marathon. I will have a full review posted in a short while, but in the meantime just know that I love them! I've worn them on two long runs and had NO blisters! If you'd like a pair you can even use my discount code to receive 20% off! How nice am I??? ;)

5. Hi, my name is Heather and I'm addicted to tacos.

Taco Tuesday has become a staple here in our household. On Tuesdays Matt and I have medium long runs and Tacos are just such a great meal that we enjoy recovering with! I also saw this purse on the IG page of Fairytales and Fitness and I really think I must have it.

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog space and have a super snowy day! ;)
Did you get a storm where you live? 
Boston is in 66 days!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You need that purse!!!! I thought of you yesterday because the storm hit us and then the weather guy said it was moving up to New England and then Nova Scotia. I'm glad you out ran the storm yet again!

  2. Dry needling is such a strange feeling! It helped me so much though

  3. Dry needling looks painful!
    I like the smoothie idea for the morning :)
    Glad you got your run done before the storm hit, it is always easier to take being snowed in feeling accomplished.

    1. It is painful! :(

      The quick and ready smoothie gets me off to a good start in the day.

  4. I'm not sure what normal people do after a storm....but I watch the look of the sidewalks and think "Yup....the runners are good OR nope....runners will need to do treadmill runs today." I just might crash Taco Tuesday some week!

    1. Ha, I do the same with the sidewalks as I'm driving to work in the mornings!

  5. Haha, hope you get that purse! I saw it at Walmart!

    Our weather here was nice all week and then BAM...we had snow on Thursday! School was cancelled so I didn't mind!