Sunday, 8 January 2017

Project PB/Week 1!

Happy Sunday RUNday everyone!

2017 is well underway and so is Boston Marathon training! Since I was challenged and strengthened by working with Project  PB for the Chicago Marathon I contacted Greg to hook me up for Boston. :) Thankfully this week felt relatively mild. I say that knowing full well that it's going to pick up fast and furious!

There are differences in my plan for Boston than Chicago. First off, instead of two days for Rest I have Mondays -  Rest and now Friday is for Cross/Strength Training, NOT rest! I've been so conditioned for the past several years to use Friday as a rest day, but Monday makes so much more sense to me since it follows a long run, so I'll have to give Coach Greg kudos for that. ;)

I've made my goal to Greg pretty clear for Boston - Would LOVE a sub 3:30! I've never done that on the Boston course, ever. I came very close in 2015 during the rain/wind storm with a 3:31:12, so I'm's just not allowed to get too hot!!!! Mmmkay Mother Nature? Greg wrote me back a lengthy email about the details of my plan and also told me to not sell myself short. But in my head Chicago and Boston are completely different courses...okay, I know that's obvious but what I mean is in terms of marathon courses and their ability to eat you up and spit you out in the late miles! We shall see! 
It's actually 99 days away now....but who's counting?!
Okay so here's how week 1 went:

You'll be glad to know I followed my plan to the T! With the exception of swapping the Saturday short run and Sunday long run because of a snowstorm. Marathon training can really burn you out so I don't plan on sneaking in miles to have a larger number on Strava or Garmin Connect (Not that I would do that - LOL). I'm following the plan! 

It's a good thing Monday was a rest day because....

Tuesday was a loopy 8 miles around the hood at 8:12 pace. Pretty good but a little stiff from Sunday's 17 miler. Since it was my first training run for my 5th Boston Marathon (Can you believe that?!?!) I wore my first ever Boston Marathon Jacket:

I followed the run with some nutritious stirfry for refueling!

Wednesday, 4 miles at Recovery Pace (which ended up being 8:18). I completely ran by feel.

Thursday I ended up leaving the house pretty late! It was my first run with marathon pace included and I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to maintain pace, that I ran too fast! ugh. Apparently this is common, or at least Stacey does the same thing, lol.

I had a slippery 3 mile warm up followed by 4 miles at MP and a one mile warm down. For MP I had 7:30, 7:30, 7:36 and 7:36....yes, too fast. It felt great though!!!
This Mizuno jacket is amazing! I love how fitted it is and it has a hood. Not one of those floppy hoods that bounce around everywhere. One that will stay put if you put it up! I tried it in the rain a few days previous. It also keeps me super warm. AND it has thumb holes! Thumb holes-everyone loves those!

So on Thursday, Kristi from Running Room Magazine contacted me to tell me that they would be sharing my Marathon Prep story in their online magazine! You can read it here!

Friday: Getting a massage and shoveling counts as Cross training right? ;) How about taco eating? 

On Saturday I logged my 15 mile long run for the week (at 8:29 pace) since 40cm of snow was being delivered to us overnight Saturday. 

I then hung out in my favourite shirt for the rest of the day: 

I also took down the tree which made me pretty sad. :( I love the lights and cozy feeling it gives. 

Enter snowstorm: 

Matt shoveled for 2 hours and I got exhausted just thinking about it! LOL. I did a ton of stretching, rolling, physio exercises and lifted weights. 

Finally, late afternoon I headed up to the Chain of Lakes Trail and logged my Saturday Short run, yes on Sunday...remember the switch? ;) I saw Stacey who also had the same idea! The run felt great, even though footing was slightly tricky at times. 

Week total: 41 miles. 

Oh! And I put up our race maps!!! Aren't they cool??? I am soooo getting one after Boston to add to the wall.

So there it is, Boston Training week 1....done! :D 

Thanks for stopping by GGR on this snowy Sunday!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Those maps are sweet! So it that taco shirt. Basically I need to know where you shop, lol.

    1. I love the maps! You can get them from Run Ink Design. The shirt is Sarah Marie Design Studio :)

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