Sunday, 25 September 2016

The 2016 Rum Runner's Relay!!

Well yesterday was a fantastic day all around, especially for a Team Relay!

Last year I was so bummed out around this time because of the nasty cold I caught that then turned into a crazy sinus infection and I had to pull out of the Rum Runners Relay. :( Well this year, I've been so cautious around the kids at school and hand washing to the max in fear of  a repeat! ;)
Flat Heather and Matt!
"What's everyone running from Mommy?" <3

It was still dark when Lola and I headed off to Prospect Road to cheer Matt. Thank goodness Andrew was the chauffeur for Matt to the start. I loved that extra half hour of snooze time. ;)

 Lola got very excited when I told her Matt was coming! lol

He was zooming!

Family cheer squad!
 "Oh hey guys!"

I'm pretty sure if the organizers knew Matt was 'flying' we'd get a penalty, lol.
 He managed a 6:03 pace/mile for the 8.4ish miles he raced-a 3 minute PR on that leg! :0

After Matthew's leg, we headed home and I geared up for Leg 3 (my leg). Greg had put a 3mi warm up into my plan for the day so I was super lucky that the start of leg 3 was exactly that distance from my house! Of course I ran there and it worked out perfectly! It was chilly so I wore a long sleeve over my racing shirt. I got there in time to register and chat with friends.

 At the "GO!" we were off!

I cruised through the first mile waaaaay to fast (6:51) in hopes of sticking with one of Jennie's Halifast friends. She runs slightly faster than me so I thought if I could just stay close, I'd have a pretty solid pace throughout. This relay doesn't allow music so it was real interesting to just hear foot patter and heavy breathing, lol.

This leg is basically a net downhill with only one climb by a lake that I remember. We were diverted about 4.5 miles or so in onto a section of the rails to trails that had giant puddle holes so there was lots of weaving and dodging going on. This was a very tricky section for me.
Tom was en route with his bike and got some cool action shots!

I enjoyed all the cheers from other runners who were travelling the route in cars to the finish/start of the next leg. It was very motivating! Matt and Lola made a great cheer squad as well. :)

Once we exited the trail I was at 6ish miles and I knew there was less than a mile to go! Then at 6.4 miles my belly got super pissed and my body was trying super hard to release the lactic acid....uh oh! I was fighting puke and trying to maintain pace for the last section. It was tough and Tom caught me in all my finishing classy glory, LOL.

People were actually yelling "keep going!" to me because they thought I was I just couldn't go with my gagging!

Craig and Marg also ran the same leg as me and everyone was cruising! 

Family photo op! 

This happened on my leg!!!! 

6.8 miles for the leg 7:01 pace! 1 min 50 seconds faster than two years ago on the same leg!

I headed home for a shower and then travelled with Jennie to do her leg. She was running leg 9 and by then it was late afternoon. 

 Courteney and I did some cheering and snapped some photos to get her motivated!

When I grow up I want to run like Jennie!
I wish I got more photos of my team running. :( They all did spectacular though!

Finally I recovered from a busy busy day of running and cheering with Erin!
Movie and Munchies...mmm!

This relay is super fun and very well organized!!!!  Congratulations to all the runners and teams, especially Upright and Mile-ing!!!!

Thanks so much for listening to the running rambles of GGR!Have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Awesome job to your team for a great relay and to you and Matt for PB's. I checked out the results and you should see how they spelt Marg's name...I giggled!

  2. Thanks! Yes I saw that taped to the results van LOL!

  3. You and that puking! LOL
    Totally worth it for that incredible time :) Congrats Heather! You all had a very strong team - I feel like you should have won the whole darn thing. Matt is all muscle - he has some great speed.
    I hope you both have a great Chicago trip :)


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