Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The 89th Annual Tely 10!!!

Who ever thought a year would go by so fast? It's hard to even imagine that it's Tely time again. This year I made the annual trek home to Newfoundland to run my 7th Tely 10 Mile Road Race and it was a blast! 

You just have to love the rugged coastline of Newfoundland!

The best part of going home is that I get to see my family. <3 I have lived away from home now for 10 whole years!!!! (I feel old). It's always the best part of the trip to spend time with the people I love and grew up with. I have built a very fulfilling life for myself personally, professionally and actively here in Nova Scotia, but at heart I will always be a Newfoundlander, (and yes, when I am home my accent totally comes out lol).

But you know what, a trip home in the summer wouldn't be complete without a good ol' Tely 10 race! 
I have to say that I thought my bib number was pretty cool this year!
 Another favourite when I am home is Nachos from The Bigs! Everyone now just asks, "So what night do you want to go to Don Cherry's?" Even though it's renamed now, we all still call it that lol.

This was the premier race for our BLT race singlets!!! We looked pretty fly. ;)

The whole family was involved this year, even if they did fight over who was going to hold the sign.

Mike dropped me off about a mile and a half from the start and I did a total of 3 miles for a warm up at a very easy pace. I had super lead legs. :S I had also been in and out of physio and massage for a super cranky tight hamstring that just would not let go! During my last session Mitch put what I believe was 8 needles in it! Yikes. The air during my warm up was super muggy, drizzly and humid. I did not have any high expectations for the race, for real! But I was super excited regardless because this is my second most favourite race of the year every year.

This year was especially awesome because it was the largest Tely 10 EVER! There were approximately 4800 registrants with a total of ~4300 finishers AND my running friends were travelling to NL from Nova Scotia to run it, some of them for the first time!
Craig, Marg and I in the corral right before the Ode To Newfoundland was sung. Craig thought I was totally kidding about this I'm sure, but it is a tradition at the race. It actually gets me really pumped.
 I also saw Ashley and Aunt Brenda at the start. They both rocked their race and Ashley completed her FIRST Tely 10!!!

 At the horn we were off!

It was sprinkling rain and then as we cruised through the first mile the rain poured...and the runners cheered for the relief it was offering. I grinned, you know, in an attempt to conserve energy. ;)

Mile 1: 7:10/mile. This mile is always a test of discipline since many runners bolt out of the start.

I knew to look for my parents and sisters just before Mile 2. I'm glad they had the bright sign because it was so easy to spot them!
Trudy and Carla, the founders of my fan club, HA! LOL
Can you see me??????
 Okay, back to work. Stop show boating.
Again this year I got way too excited when I saw the family. Mile 2-6:54. I had no business pushing this pace. So the third mile I toned it down to a 7:21. 
So for a brief period we were nice and wet splashing through shallow puddles. And then, the sun peeked through the clouds. I thought, "This is not good. The weather network said clouds." But the thing about the weather is that you're not the only one enduring it. Everyone is battling whatever Mother Nature is throwing your way.

My hair was wet and stuck to my back, which I totally hate! The humidity was not allowing for any moisture to evaporate so my shirt, hat and shorts quickly became a sponge of sweat, rain/drizzle and water from the stations.
About mile 2ish? This photo was shared by the Tely 10 page. :)
 No clue where this was but I look like I'm up to something, lol.

Not sure where this is below exactly but I drank very minimally during the race since big gulps have led to side stitches in the past so I took what was absolutely necessary to quench my thirst and keep me somewhat hydrated.

There were a lot of spectators out! Everyone looked like they were having a great time cheering on their friends and family. :) 

The Miles ticked by: 7:07 (mile 4), 6:58(yeah, this was a huge decline...but again what was I doing?!), 7:18, 7:14 and then at Mile 7ish things got super tough. 

At that point my body was working equally as hard to cool down as it was to keep pushing. I was actually surprised though that at Mile 7 my total time was only 50:35....I had never covered 7 miles that fast before. So I was hopeful that a PR might be in my sights, even if I had run the last three close to 8:00. 

Between mile 7-9.3 there are teeny inclines that really kick my butt each year. Therefore Mile 8 was 7:46 with much self coaching and check ins with my body. My cheeks were burning and I kept splashing water on my face. An elderly lady was offering her water hose to the runners as they ran by. I'm think I looked more like a lemur as I tried to signal to her with my arms that I'd also like her to squeeze the trigger to me. She was enjoying it clearly by my observations, lol. It felt really refreshing. 

I really wanted to stop. And walk. But I refused. So struggle along I did. 

Mile 9: 7:35.

At 9.2 miles I saw Kelly and the Lulu Crew with their motivational signs! I got a high five and some mighty cheers and then I got a little extra pep in my step. A spectator yelled, "It's all downhill from here!" And boy was it awesome. 

Mile 10:7:15 

The finish is a glorious downhill and my family was cheering from the bottom right before you make THE turn.
Running Room photo cred here, but my family also got the exact same shot from a slight bit further away, lol. 

I was totally stunned and determined when I saw 1:12:XX on the clock! My previous PR on this distance (and on this course) was 1:13:34. My only worry was I'd puke before the finish and the seconds would tick off. But I kept it cool and crossed in 1:12:37!!! A 57 second PR! 
Elizabeth was able to get this photo of my finish! Thank goodness she missed the puking episode!
There's always time for finish line shenanigans! 

Everyone was wearing big smiles!

Holy cow, that was tough but fun.

Here are my stats:
I was pretty pleased. :D

And here we are again.

We had a post race celebration with the crew. There are 2 honorary Newfoundlanders and 2 honorary BLT runners in this shot. ;)

We analyzed our splits as we ate.

Because that's what runners do! ;)

I really feel that training with Project PB is helping me with my speed and strength! It was great to see the results this past Sunday.
I hope you made it to the end of this post, lol. Thanks so much for taking an interest in my Tely experience!!! Have an awesome day!
How was your weekend of running?
Did you run the Tely 10?
What is the race you look most forward to each year? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Great job on your PB!!! Can't wait to follow you at Chicago in a few months!

  2. Congrats on the PR!!! Amazing!!! You are going to FLY in Chicago!

  3. Congrats on the PR, the rainy and humid weather is definitely not ideal running conditions but you pulled it off and looked great the entire time.
    What inspired you to move away from Newfoundland? I've only been there once and it was on a cruise (which also went to Nova scotia).

    1. Life (former relationship) brought me here in 2006 and I quickly grew a life for myself here.

  4. How do you look that pretty after puking at the finish LOL That is amazing Heather!! Congrats on the awesome PR. It is nice you had the family out as the cheering squad.
    The shoreline of NF does look really gorgeous :)

  5. Congrats on your PR!!!!!! :)

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