Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday 5!

Hey guys Happy Friday & Blue Nose Long Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE this weekend of the year for so many reasons! It's Spring, the school year is winding down AND the local racing season is in full swing when the Blue Nose comes around. :)

I will be running the half this weekend and NOT for a PR.  I pinky promise! (If I finish faster than 1:36:39 on Sunday you have permission to give me a nuggie). I have no business running stupid fast on Sunday. I have a marathon training cycle on the horizon and I'm really excited about it. So don't screw this up Racing Heather! 

Oh, here are 2 running play list suggestions before you get going:

1. You have to download Renegades by the X Ambassadors!

2. Ugh, and how much am I loving running to Wasted Time by Keith Urban?!

Now, let's move onto the Friday 5:

1. Spectating at the Fredericton Marathon!!!
What a nice treat to not have pre-race jitters and to not actually have to go through the formality of racing, lol. Spectating is where it's at when you're enjoying Marathon recovery. ;)  I was able to cheer Matt, Sam and Jennie in the full and also Craig and Stacey in their half. Everyone had a fantastic race!!!!

Lola was a bit put out since all of the attention was not on her. ;)

2. Blue Nose Youth Run!!!
As you know I've been helping the fourth and fifth graders at my school prepare to run in the Blue Nose Youth Run. How cool that I get a Coach shirt?!
And hello!!! Our PTG purchased these swanky Hillside Running Club hats for us too! I've already worn it running twice. :)

3. Running!
I got some solid running in over the past couple of weeks and my body is ALMOST back to normal...I think. One thing I'm loving about Spring running: Not having to layer up with a gazillion tops/pants, etc. and finally getting to wear some of my flashy spring stuff!
This has been my longest run post Boston and I got to enjoy 8 of those miles with Marg!
 This run in the photo below involved some fast miles where I was racing the black gross.

This run was very colourful... ;)

4. Food!!!
Why someone has so many photos of food on their phone is beyond me. Here's a look at a few things I've enjoyed over the past two weeks, lol.
PD day lunch out at Coras with a coworker. :)

Santa Fe salad from Boston Pizza in Fredericton!
The usual Taco Tuesday indulgence at the Callaghan Residence. :D

School night chicken and veggies:

 And a Friday after school shopping pick me up. ;)

5. Happy Birthday Dad!

So I have a HUGE favour from you guys: My super awesome running friend Marg is running in her VERY FIRST FULL MARATHON on Sunday at the Blue Nose!!! If you could all just tell her how totally awesome she is going to rock it, that would be great! ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by the GGR blogosphere and have yourself a Blue Noser Long Weekend!
Who else is running the Blue Nose?!?!?!
How is your running going?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. OMG that sandwich looks SOOOO good!!

    I love the X Ambassadors. They're one of my new favorite bands!

  2. Mmmm love that after school pick me up! :)

    Good luck to Marg! Have a great first marathon!!!!

  3. I missed you Heather! :) The Lola picture cracks me up! It looks like you got some super speedy runs in!!! I am doing Hansons now and none of my runs are supposed to be faster than 8:51 lol. The first week I felt like a lunk of lard, this week it was easier to run slow, but when I am done running, I don't feel like I did anything. Oh well, according to the plan after a couple weeks I will be very tired.

    GO MARG!!!!! Have a fantastic time! :) How exciting to be running your very first 26.2. It's your day! Soak it all in! :)

  4. Yay Marg!! I hope you have a wonderful run :)
    Your runs are looking awesome Heather! I will be curious to see if you can contain yourself running the half LOL

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