Monday, 23 May 2016

Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon 2016!!!

Happy Long Weekend Blue Nosers!

How awesome is it to have the day off of work following a race?! Right! It is just so nice to get an extra day to recuperate and chill before heading back to the wind and grind.

On Saturday morning Marg and I headed down to the Blue Nose expo and then cheered on the Hillside crew and thousands of other kiddos at the Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run. It was so exciting!
Just to confirm, I was not running the full yesterday, the guy from the paper misunderstood what Marg and I said and SHE was doing her first full. Oops!
We obviously took the opportunity to sneak a photo with Mr. John Stanton!
It's just positive race juju to take a pic with Canada's running guru.
 Marg was feeling SO confident at bib pickup...LOL!

Then we met up with my Running Club and headed out to cheer!

After an exhausting HOT sunny 28 degree day downtown we were famished and carbo loaded at Cora's before heading home.

Then Flat Heather was assembled on the guest room bed! This black mesh lulu tank is my favourite running tank ever.

Oh dear, it's going to be an early rise!

At 5:38 I sent this to Marg and Sam....immediately after that I snapped a pin in half with my finger trying to put my bib on. Guess I'd better lay off the weights! LOL.

PERFECT running conditions! I was happy that it wouldn't be another sunny sweat fest like Boston!

Marg was a bag of nerves, Sam was pumped to pace and I was just like, "my face looks huge doing this selfie!" LOL.

We were both crazy excited for our friend to finally become a Marathoner!!!! After we sent her off the 10km left and then the half runners lined up...that's me. ;)  I chatted with Christine at the start and I hadn't seen her in forever! We talked about keeping control of our paces today and not getting carried away. I told her I wanted to make sure I was faster than 8 min miles but slower than 7:30s the whole race.

At the horn we were off! I literally get shivers when we start the Blue Nose. You take a right hand turn almost immediately and there are drummers there and have been for the past few years. I love the sound as we all stomp the streets of Halifax!

I didn't have my usual "I'm gonna barf" feeling from putting pressure on myself to do well. Instead it was more of "focus" I was feeling in trying to control my pace. I knew I had no business racing to PR yesterday a month off Boston and the goal of trying to stay fit and healthy. Although guilty as charged cruising down Devonshire I had to pull in the reigns when I saw 6:46 avg. pace/mile on the Garmin!!! Yikes! I knew a 6:46 now would mean a 26.46 as I attempted South Park street during the 12th mile...LOL.
I'm not certain where this photo is from but it's evidence that I WAS aware of my speed. ;)
I felt really good and really strong.

The Blue Nose is known as one of the tougher courses around our area and this year with some bridge construction the full marathon was now covering 2 x the 1/2 Marathon loop. There are several inclines and declines. So you'd better watch your speedy step! ;)

Yeah so about that 5:27, I have NO IDEA! 
There was a whole ton of motivation stations along the course yesterday! Music, signs, high fives, gatorade, water, gels, you name it! I even got to see Lola and Matt and 8 miles and then again at 11.something. I have to tell you a funny story:

Matt snapped this photo of me after I saw him the second time. I heard him yell, "Lookin' Strong!" and then I heard this lady in the purple tee yell "This is ridiculous, STOP!" I assumed she was yelling at the car that had made it's way onto a CLOSED street for the race, but NO. She was yelling at ME and all the runners!!!!
Yikes! Stay safe everyone!
After nearly getting smushed by the car :S it was a finishing battle. My legs did not have tons of juice left and I took two GUs along the way (start line and at 9 miles). I was still impressed that I was maintaining a solid pace. I sort of let go of everything following the Serpentine hill climb in Point not so Pleasant
I saw Sarah and her kids/relatives at 11.5 miles and I gave them each a high five...It was soooo motivating! Then I knew I could put the hammer down to finish this thing with a good effort. I sort of thought I'd squeak in just under 1:40, but I again managed to cover an extra 400m or so to put me at a finishing time of 1:40:30....which I am totally cool with!!! 

Anna got this shot of me as I was running down the steep hill immediately before the incline to the finish. 

Then I headed up the dreaded finish line that feels like it's 3km long! You are climbing and people are yelling "Go go go!" But all you really want to do is puke puke puke. Stacey, Craig and Sam got some photos that really capture my glamour as I headed in for the finsh: 

Yikes, lol that's not pretty!

Yes, yesterday's finish did involve my head hanging into a trash can at the finish. Don't worry though. It was just basically yellow gatorade, lol. Thanks again volunteers, especially those who witnessed my classy finish. ;)  
Sam, Stacey and I then waited to cheer Marg in at the finish of her first full!!! We enjoyed the cookies she baked along with a nice hot Starbucks...Thanks Marg lol!

We headed back out to the finish and weren't waiting long at all before SHE came in!!! What a smashing race Marg ran for her premier marathon, 3rd in her division and a BQ!!!

We clearly celebrated!
Super huge congrats to all the runners at the 2016 Blue Nose! A GIANT thank you to everyone who made it happen!!!

Thanks so much for checking out my BN recap! Have a beautiful day!
Did you Blue Nose this weekend?
Are you enjoying the Victoria Day holiday???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. What a great race for everyone!!!! What does Blue Nose refer to? Good job Marg! A BQ at your first marathon!!!!!! Did others have the course as 400 long??? I hate when that happens especially if I know I wasn't weaving and running extra. What do you think makes you throw up at the end sometimes? You had a solid pace, congrats Heather!

    1. Yes, Marg is a rock star! I actually was asked that question twice this weekend and I even tried to research it and found nothing. So here's my guess: The blue nose is named after the famous Nova Scotian Blue Nose Sailing ship that has a rich East Coast history. The Blue Nose Marathon started in 2004 and the second year it almost didn't happen because of stormy hurricane like weather. They decided that everyone who came out and took part in those hardy conditions were Blue Nosers, I'm guessing this is a ship reference. So that's my synopsis.

      I'm sure the puking is a result of the uphill finish and trying to run it fast. I always feel my belly churning as I approach it. The trash cans are always there waiting and I'm sure I'm not the only one who makes use of it! LOL

    2. And yes, all my friends had an extra 300-400m on their gps watches!

    3. Does that shit infuriate you???? (the long course) It pisses me off!!!!

  2. That finishing shoot would make just about anyone sick! Great job maintaining a 'non-injury' pace for the entire half!!!

  3. Way to go crew, but my race will be known as the worse ever time wise & best ever because my mom can say she conquered Bluenose at least once!

    1. Huge congrats to your mom!!!! Nice seeing you :)

  4. WOW! Way to go Marg! Amazing!!!

    Way to go Heather too! What a great race just a month after Boston. You are incredible! Also, I love your shorts!

  5. I love love love your top/shorts...actually your entire race outfit is awesome and I want to know where you got it!

    Congrats on a great race! I'm sorry you ended up puking at the finish...I guess that's a good sign that you literally left it ALL out on the course!

  6. Woohoo! Another race strong race for you, so awesome!
    Way to go Marg! She must be on a big endorphin high for that!
    Hats off to the photographer, great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I ran the full and my GPS was 600m off. I thought it Was just messing up.

  8. Awesome race! That's nuts about the car and women telling you to stop! I would have had a good laugh at that!

  9. Nice job!! That's scary about the car! I've had something similar happen out on a run but never during a race!! Silly driver!

  10. Hi Heather - I tried to post this comment already but I don't think it went through. I work with Running Room Magazine, and we would like to feature your photo with John Stanton in our July/August issue. Can you please follow and/or tweet me at @KristiYork19 for more details? Thanks!

  11. Yay!! Congrats to Marg :) That is great.
    Congrats on such a strong finish! I love seeing your running pics. Your strength shines!
    I love those happy temperatures :) makes for a very enjoyable experience

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