Thursday, 14 April 2016

BOSTON BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGoodness! How is it already "leaving for Boston eve?!"

I literally walked into my door at almost 9pm from Parent-Teacher interviews and I feel like I'm buzzing with adrenaline! Not to mention that it's Matt's birthday today!!!!!!!!! We are going to eat our faces off in a few minutes...I kid you not!

So tomorrow we are leaving at super early o'clock for the big drive to Boston. We seriously are having snow and ice pellets as I type....are you kidding?!?!?

Here is the info you will need to track this girl on Monday:

1. Download the free Boston Marathon app
2. Click "participant Search"
3. Enter my info: Heather Lee-Callaghan OR you can simply enter my bib number: 17552!!!!!!!

I am in wave 3 corral 2 which means I start at 10:50 Boston time, 11:50 Nova Scotia Time and 12:20 Newfoundland time!!! You will receive an update every 5k as I cruise along the course. ;) Knowing you're 'watching' makes me go faster and push harder!!! 

This week I've been buzzing around doing Boston Prep.

I got some body work done: 

My resourceful friends hooked me up with some Canadian Pride!

I squeezed in a few easy short runs just to keep things moving.

 I told Lola how much I was going to miss her several times...and shared Cheerios with her, lol.

I was totally overwhelmed (in the most awesome way) at school by my super duper fantastic spectacular staff and students!!! Look at this amazing cake that made me CRY!!

I'll use this mat to sit on at Boston. It's signed by all my kids in my class.

The ENTIRE SCHOOL surprised me with a mega kick off assembly!!!! I felt like Justin Beiber or someone with the crazy cheers!!! It was pretty amazing for my shy self. ;)
Last night I read EVERY SINGLE ONE  of the good luck wishes from the 150 students in the school and felt very special. <3 The Running Club even did a funky chant for me that I'm going to play in my head when things get tough on Monday. I can't share the video of the kids for obvious reasons but it goes like this:
 VP says: "Ms. Lee-Callaghan's on her way (kids repeat)
           To the Boston Marathon in 2 days (kids repeat)
           She's working hard to be the best (kids repeat)
She will make us all impressed (kids repeat)
She rocks (kids repeat)
She runs (kids repeat) 
She will show us how it's done! (Kids repeat) 

NO. You cannot trade jobs with me. ;)

 I bought the most cost-efficient arm warmers money can buy. Now just to cut the toes out!

More eating:

 Put up some birthday decor for Matt!

A lady bug has been living in my kitchen all week! That has to be good luck right?!?!

I also did some weather stalking and discovered this:
Yikes! Better hydrate. (Yes, that's too warm for me, but Boston is so awesome it will be amazing no matter what!).

 AND LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Safe travels and safe running to everyone and I'm so freaking excited!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the incredible support this week! I'm totally blessed. <3

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Go run fast!! I'll be tracking you :) I had so much fun watching your progress last year, I was so impressed with your consistency.
    You are strong, I know you go this :) Happy B-day to Matt!
    How great the whole school gives you support - super sweet.

  2. As I look out my window at the horrible weather....please drive carefully! You seem even more excited this year than you have in the past and I can't wait to follow you Monday as you run! GOOD LUCK girl!!

  3. You are ready!!! Have a blast!!!! Don't spend too much $$$ at the expo!!! ;)

  4. GO HEATHER!!!!! Everything your school/students did for you is so amazing, but totally fitting for a person as awesome as you! I can't wait to follow along with you at the race! Share lots of pics on Instagram/FB please! :)

  5. Your school is the BEST. Go kick butt this weekend, superwoman!