Sunday, 13 March 2016

This Week's Workout Recap!

Happy Sunday RUNday!

So as it turns out I got a little bit of a  head start for my March Break:
We had an ice storm that then turned to snow, so basically there was a thick coating of ice HIDING under the fluffy snow and of course that was just slipp-ER-y!

I did not complain though because I got to chillax and then: 
Yee got right into those tight spots and also informed me that the muscle fibres in my right hip (the hip that literally feels like a thorn in my side), feel like a guitar string. Yikes!

Last Saturday I fuelled for my LONG run with Jennie with fajitas w/mango salsa, tortilla chips and broccoli...mmm.

Our 19 miler totally kicked my butt but we got it done!
We had a LOT of slushy puddles that apparently were filled with salty water from the snow storm the day before: 
You know what's good marathon endurance training? Keeping up with a bunch of 6-7 year olds during Spirit Week at school! Pweph. We did stuff like: 

Crazy hair day:
I know, I'm not that
 Hat Day:
Ms. Brenda loaned me this hat and so many people thought that my hair was spiked on the top!!! It is NOT. LOL.
 And Sport's Day: My fave!
I got a lot of compliments on my attire, lol. 
It was also Teacher Appreciation week and we were treated like Royalty!


Okay how funny is this?!?!? I had one of my coworkers laughing just as hard as myself when I read this at school: 

 So here's how my week looked for running/working out:

Monday: Gym date with Sam where we did the bike and free weights. Then once I got home I did Yoga for Runners. I literally youtube my yoga videos on the apple tv and it's awesome!

6 mile run followed by yoga.


I was so tired on this run! We had a class field trip planned for the next day and I got exhausted just thinking about it. All I could think about was the looming March Break (which as you saw at the start of this post came early!).
 But I was all like:
P.S. if you don't use Bitmoji you totally should! I'm addicted to that app!!! And I sort of think my avatar looks like me!
Zero miles but some yoga and a MASSAGE!!!!


Followed by a brief visit to Little Hound in search of two beautiful chocolate brown eyes. <3 ;)

Christine, Marg and I headed out bright and early this morning to conquer 2 x 10 mile loop around Halifax. We were sure to get some good hills in with Christine's Boston preparation route map. ;) I have to just tell you that two out of three of us literally almost lost our hats from the wind! Take a look at my jacket below, lol. It's whipping in the wind!

Longest run since Chicago and Marg's longest run ever! Be sure to congratulate her. ;)
 The data:
The thing about city running: Red lights. It's a love hate relationship on a long run. ;) 

This week's total: 49 miles
                             Lots of stretching and strength!

Thanks so much for stopping by the GGR blog! Have a wonderful day! 

How was your weekend?
What race is next on your radar? A bunch of us are doing the Moose Run 25k run next Sunday!
Boston is in 35 days!!!!!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You had some awesome running this week! How long is your March break? I bet you have your feet kicked up and are relaxing. You deserve it! We do not have a spring break. Usually we have a couple days off around Easter but they got eaten up by snow make up days. Your avatar DOES look like you! Hey my cousin is running Boston this year for charity! I am so excited for him! He's the one we stayed with when I ran last time.

    1. Thanks Megan! Our March break is one week and normally I would have my feet kicked up but I am going to paint my kitchen instead!

  2. I love your weekly recap! I can't believe how long your guys run...just like it's nothing. You are a daily inspiration with your dedication to stretching, cross training, and running!!!

    1. Thanks!!!! This week kicked my butt with exhaustion Lol.

  3. Your spring break started with freezing rain?! That...seriously sucks haha! I hope you get some nice weather :)

    Nice job on your runs! And as usual, I'm so jealous of your tacos!!

  4. OMG, love your giraffe hat! Too cute.
    You had some great running this week! The long runs are looking good and congrats to Marg! 20 miles a great accomplishment.
    I trained downtown with the last half team I was on and red lights are a different animal. I kind of like running and not having to stop, but on a long run it did seem to help my pace. The tiny break was a little breather :)
    I know you are getting excited for Boston!
    I ran 3 miles this weekend and it wore me out LOL but i ran finally :)

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