Saturday, 5 March 2016

A GGR Update!

Hey everyone,

I hope you have been able to avoid whatever nasty bug I managed to pick up a couple of weeks ago! Boy oh boy, it literally kicked me on my butt for four days and not until then was I able to get off the couch. :(
Two Saturdays ago at the doc. thinking it was strep but assured it was another sort of viral infection. So no meds and no long run the next day!!! :( 
Cherry Berry froyo helped me feel better. :D 
Believe it or not, I'm STILL coughing a bit in the morning...but I feel a zillion times better than I did so I am smiling. :D

 For the past two weeks I ate A LOT of soup!

And a lot of these!

And spent a lot of time with her. <3

Jennie brought me this delicious banana bread after her long run and I made her retrace each and every step of the run so I could hear all about it.

Just keepin' the liquids coming.

 When I finally went back to work the reptiles came to visit!

 Our weather has been amazing!

Until today....

My first 5k run post viral plague of 2016. It sucked, I wheezed and I coughed but I was running. :)

A few days later I managed to do a long run along the trail that has been coated in ice and snow for the past few months. Well our super mild weather had gotten rid of all that stuff and runners from far and wide appeared on the trail that Sunday, including me. :) I met up with Marg and tagged along with her at a conservative pace for just over ten miles and then I headed home. 15 miles later I was toast! I prayed my cardio would return, soon. I was so amazed at how weak I felt...I guess a diet of soup is not ideal for a distance runner. ;)  Don't worry, I've certainly made up for that now!

Post run: check out my calves and sneakers!!!

Oh yeah, I need to share my current favourite running tune with you! It's "My Church," and it's amazing!

Just replenishing my glycogen stores. ;)

I really do love my students. <3

LOL....this was just too funny! I guess I thought so since I signed up for the Blue Nose 1/2 this week. :D

Matt was driving home and caught me finishing up a 6 miler.

We've been doing yoga at school (staff) and I decided to reintroduce it to my class. They love Cosmic Yoga!!! I wrote about yoga for Writer's Workshop and attempted to sketch a pose, lol. Try not to die laughing.

I also did my first treadmill run in a LONG time. 5 miles takes sooooo long!

Okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Run Bold street banner app that John Hancock put out. You can enter your picture and they are choosing a bunch to be on the actual street posters in Boston!!! I chose my FAVOURITE race pic ever!

Just because: <3

So, I had collected all of these in a cup holder in my car. Someone is addicted to coffee (cough).

Lola and I did yoga this morning. This was our studio ;)

And then I ran the windiest run I'd run in a while! We got hit with a snowstorm overnight and the roads were less than ideal, but runnable. 8 windy miles at 8:30.

 So tomorrow I'm heading out for a long run. And I just can't wait!

Thanks for checking in and not forgetting about
Have you been hit with the nasty cold virus this winter? 
Did you sign up for Blue Nose???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Aww, I'll never forget about ya! Glad you have turned a corner again, this training has been tough on you. I hope you get picked for Boston!! That is one of the best joyful pics ever :) that would be too awesome.
    My hubby took off for almost five weeks due to lung congestion. He just went back this week!

    1. Thanks Karen! I hope your husband feels better.

  2. I did not forget about you either! I am sorry you got knocked down but glad you are feeling better. More snow!? Ugh. We are supposed to get flurries tonight but nothing crazy. Hopefully we are done with snow for the year!

    1. Yes, I am so done with the snow although this winter has been gentle on us compared to last year!

  3. GLad that your feeling better! I was worried about you since I didn't see a post for a while. Hats off to you training for Boston through all those elements. Love all the bracelets!

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better!! Can you share those soup recipes?? They look so yummy!!

    1. :) I literally just used all the veggies with some canned tomatoes for the veggie soup and celery, onion, carrots, egg noodles and chicken broth with chicken of course for the chicken soup.

  5. A quiet reader here but love your blog. Glad you are feeling better and wanted to say what a great song! Thanks for the rec! Downloading now :)

  6. Glad you are on the mend! I wish I could do the Bluenose but I've signed up for the Ottawa Marathon (my first full!), which is the following weekend, so I really can't do both! xo

  7. Oh man, sorry to hear you were so sick! Did the kids love the reptiles?

  8. A lot of people have been getting that bug! Glad you're feeling better now :)