Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Happy Birthday GGR!!!

Hey guys! 

Somehow three years have passed since I first sat at my laptop and wrote my very first post! And crazy enough, I'm still using the exact same laptop!!! (I am however on my third phone since then). 

I did not have anything spectacular planned for my GGR birthday post so I thought I'd just give you a little bit of a "Here's what I've been doing" sort of update 'mkay? ;) 

On Valentine's day Matt and I got all dressed to go out to eat. It was freeze your face off degrees Celsius outside and we both just wanted to curl up in warm comfy clothes. Soooo, we ordered take out and Lola came along for the pick up ride. 

She was not interested in a selfie when she saw Matt coming with the food!
 Ta da!

Monday: On Monday morning I ventured into the city bright and early to meet up with Jennie, or in other words crash her 30km run. ;)

At a red light I saw this Newfoundland flag on the top of this super high scaffolding! I thought that was very cool to see some Newfie pride blowing in the breeze, (For new readers: I'm a Newfoundlander living in Nova Scotia). Then I thought about how cold it would be to work up there that day. Brr.

Yeah, so as I waited for Jennie I did a double check at the temperature. It was STILL tears freeze to your face and lashes degrees out. :(

So pretty from the inside of my very warm car. But so very frigid.

This was my first real long run in For-Ev-Er! I am so glad I could join my running pal for some good run chatting and a major distraction to the amount of time I would have spent over-thinking any sort of niggle if I were to run solo.

Five miles in I attempted a drink and BAM---frozen fuel bottles! Womp womp.

Fun fact: This photo was taken after the long drive home (with pit stop to Starbucks) and still the caps were frozen solid! 
It became clear that this would be one of those runs that you think about when the marathon is totally kicking your butt between miles 22-26 for motivation. 

Huge thanks to Jennie for sharing her non-frozen drinks with me from her backpack. ;)  Funny side note: I explained that my face and neck were feeling awesome and not cold at all since I coated it with Shea butter Vaseline. Jennie said, "I was wondering why you were so shiny, but smelled good." LOL.

*In case you were wondering we WERE the girls running laps around the Super Store parking lot to make up the last 0.7 of a mile! 

I dropped Jennie off and met Milo. Isn't he adorable!!! I think Lola would really like him. <3

Give me warmth!
Clearly Lola enjoys sun bathing to stay warm. 
Tuesday: Yoga day! 

We are so super lucky that a yoga instructor is coming to our school every Tuesday for six weeks to help us teachers loosen up those tight spots!

Tuesday: Also grocery day. I can't help but notice how the sweet treats are strategically placed right by the cash to give you one last kick at the discipline can before you head out. Good grief! Skor bar, I'm lookin' at you!

Tonight I really wanted guacamole. Susan gave me her tasty recipe so I was totally doing it! Fun fact: I was really nervous I'd screw it up!

It worked out really well! I was astonished. I used: one avocado, two garlic cloves (I LOVE garlic), 1/2 a Roma tomato, 1/2 tsp salt, fresh squeezed lime juice and  a dash of those crushed red chillies.

It went along great with my Santa Fe salad!

Lastly, check out my Aunt Brenda placing 3rd in her age group!!! Nicely done!

Oh yeah! Remember the pre-screening of "Race Movie?" Well that's this Thursday and I'm totally psyched! Dont' worry I'll keep you posted. ;)

Three years have certainly flown by!!! I've gotten to meet so many incredible people via my little space in the blogosphere and I am truly grateful. Thanks a bunch! I love when you guys check in and I DO read every single comment. Often times it's on my phone which is super annoying to use to respond with since many times it doesn't "publish" but I do try. ;) I have learned SOOOO much from blogging as well! I am super thankful for the opportunities I've had because of it. <3

Are you freezing your buns off in your neck of the woods? 
Are you a guacamole fan?
How has your life changed over the past three years??? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Milo is adorable!!!

    Tell me more about this magical Vaseline! I had NO IDEA vaseline could keep you warm??? How does this work!?

  2. Happy Birthday, GGR!!!! :) I am glad I found your blog because I love following your adventures. Here's to another great year for GGR!

  3. Happy 3 years!!!
    Oh my, now I want heart shaped pizza ;)

  4. I have never tasted guac...but I just think I won't like it...so I am scared of it....I won't even try it in my smoothies.

  5. I think "freeze your face off degrees" should be a REAL measure of temperature! It's much clearer to me than any number in celsius haha.

    Nice job on your long run! Funny about your water bottles. That has definitely never happened to mine haha. Congrats to your Aunt!!

  6. You have me craving pizza now- darn you! Way to go on the run! We haven't (knock on wood) haven't temperatures that cold for a while and I don't miss it!

  7. I started running three years ago (well almost three years) and my entire life has completely changed. I'm alot more self confident... but that could also be because I have less tolerance for foolishness now ;)