Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday Stuff :)

I hope you are all having a stellar Sunday and are enjoying some smiley miles! 

After last Sunday's awesome 1/2 marathon my running took a bit of a detour. 

I totally surprised myself at the Hypo 1/2. I told everyone that I didn't have high expectations and I really didn't until I was about half way in. At the finish Christine and I talked about how incredibly dumb it was for us both to run at that pace during Boston training. I jokingly said, "I'll pay for that tomorrow!" And I did. 

 I went for two short runs this week (3mi x 2) and neither felt good. In fact I quit the second run on Wednesday and walked nearly a mile home and Matt picked me up. My right leg was nagging me every time I brought it forward and I had no clue what was going on. Along with the usual post-race soreness a nagging pulling/tugging area of discomfort had appeared in my glute/hip/leg/tailbone area. Yes, that's as specific as I could have been, lol.

It took Julie a few tests to determine the issue, which in fact are really two different problems. My SI joint isn't moving as smoothly as it should be because of tightness and I have a minor strain in my hamstring at the glute/hamstring junction on the right side. Nice. ;)  I was relieved when she told me that nothing was torn and I surprisingly took the news that I needed to rest to heal well. 

If I didn't have such a solid base behind me and just riding off a PR high, I'd likely be devastated. But to be honest, I'm hopeful since my leg already feels a lot better, not awesome, but better. My physiotherapist is optimistic which makes me that much more so. **(fingers crossed)**

On a brighter note, Marg dropped off these for me!!! 

 I got a  much needed leg massage!

The coffee machine was out of commission in the staff room this week but a coworker saved the day with a lunch time coffee run! (The whole crowd cheered...literally).

It was so cold this week though! On my first run post-1/2 marathon I wore my lulu jacket and it kept me nice and toasty when the "feel like temperature" was -17!

Girl puts thumbs up little knowing that she'd find out she was injured the next day. ;)
My wrap from Momentum jewelry came this week! Even though I haven't been running much, I have worn it to work and the gym. I just love it! This one I customized but they have a lot of sayings you can pick from. :)

Lola thought I was taking her photo when I actually took the above one and posed like this, lol.

I made a pureed soup using tomatoes, sweet potato, garlic, red pepper, onion, carrots and chicken broth. It was yummy.

I worked out very hard at the gym since I couldn't run and now it hurts when I laugh, lol.

Lola and I took an adventure to the car wash because my car was a salt-crusted disaster. The loud wind and wooshing of water sort of freaked her out though, lol.

Pretty sure if this shirt came in a tank version I'd order it.

I also watched an unhealthy amount of reruns of The Office this week. I can't even help it, that show is awesome! LOL.

 And, a little touch of Spring to warm up the place. :)

I have a follow up appointment at physio on Tuesday with a supervised treadmill run. Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping over to the GGR blog and have a wonderful day!

Would you go for  a PR if it meant getting injured??? 
What do  you do for fitness when you can't run? 
What are you currently watching? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Oh girl...after last year's hamstring injury I would probably never go for a PR! I'm hoping this is really minor for you, take care of yourself.
    When I couldn't run last year, I just did my PT exercises and when allowed cross training.

  2. I can't get used to pureed soup...not sure why! Lola is super cute in that pic....did she earn a treat?

  3. I'm in the same boat - before Christmas break at school, I wasn't wearing my winter boots/winter indoor shoes because there was no snow - mostly wore my running shoes. A few weeks back into the new year and I've worn my Sorels every day and barely worn my running shoes to work at all. On Thursday my usual post-tib issue flared up big time and I too, quit a run, Saw my massage therapist and did lots of rolling this week. I learned last time to not run through it, so I'm going to take a week off and see. I'm going to be biking it up this week!

  4. I am sorry you are having a small setback! But you said it yourself- you have a GREAT base. A week or two of rest is no match for you, I just know it.

    I don't know if I would go for a PR if it meant injury. Depends on the injury. A 1-3 week deal that completely heals? Sure! Something that takes months to heal OR becomes a reoccurring problem? Hell no!

    You know what I do when I can't run. I LIFT!!! I have been stuck inside for Snowmageddon so I lifted two days in the row. But tomorrow I am going to the gym to see if I can manage 8 miles on the treadmill without dying of boredom!

    1. Thanks Meg! I've definitely been lifting more. ;)

  5. Hope your appt goes well! I also love that shirt and it would be perfect for racing if as you said, it came in a tank! I certainly could have worn that for several races that I ran injured!

  6. I hope you recover quickly but it sounds like you trained smart this week and took it easy when it didn't feel right. You got this!

  7. Sorry to hear about your injury, rest up! Gotta love when co-workers do a coffee run, it's magical. I'm intrigued by your soup, it's making me crave soup! Love your Lulu! Xoxo, ganeeban

    1. Thanks Ganeeban! And yes, coffee runs are awesome!

  8. Awww, I hate that your hammy/tail bone area is hurting. You need that hammy to be strong for Boston so just rest. I bet the massage felt great!
    I need that shirt right no sadly, I think I am going to be out for awhile.
    You know I ran a few Pr's right before I went out and while they felt challenging, I never felt I overdid it. It is frustrating how things pop up like this, hang in there girl, you are going to be fine soon :)

    1. Thanks Karen :)

      I felt the same! Not like I over did it at all!!! So frustrating. Feel better :)

  9. Good luck!! I hope you're better soon! I'm on week 11 of being injured so I know how you feel!

  10. I hope your leg feels better quickly...I'm sorry you're paying for that PR! But I'm sure with some rest and treatment, you'll be fine again soon!

    -17?! That screams TREADMILL to me haha!

    1. Thanks Ali! I'm already feeling much better. :)

  11. Ha, I think some dogs know rightly that they have to pose for the camera.. Glad to hear it's nothing too serious and all you need is a bit of rest.

    I try and push myself in races, but have promised myself if I ever think I;m doing myself damage, just to stop. I don't like being injured..

  12. Oh man... getting hurt for a PR isn't too nice, but it sounds like you're healing up well. I don't know if I'd go for a PR if I knew I would get hurt doing it. I tend to be kinda injury prone, so I imagine I would be afraid that the injury would sideline me for a long long time. I'm training for my first marathon right now, though, and I could totally see myself going for it even if it meant getting injured (that sounds bad, doesn't it). I hope you heal soon!

    1. I was dying to PR!!! And to be honest, nothing hurt during the run. It was basically a long time coming and I think racing just encouraged it more. :(

  13. Take care of yourself- how frustrating for you. They can do so much with physiotherapy these days though so I'm sure you'll be back to your normal self before you know it. That is one seriously cute dog you have there as well. Not sure she looks exactly freaked out by the car wash though, just kind of annoyed and grumpy!

    Alberto Lawrence @ Institute Of Sport