Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hypothermic Half Marathon 2016!

Well that went much better than anticipated! 

Let's back track to yesterday: 
Lola and I enjoyed some quality snuggle time in bed after Matt got up. <3

Then I headed out to sneak in an easy paced 10km run before the storm hit. :( I ran at an average of 8:13 pace/mile on the hilly bus route with full intentions of running today's half marathon as a good training run, and not guts out if you recall someone saying, (cough). 

Wipers are up in anticipation of the snow and freezing rain.
I also got this email from the Running Room race organizers which made me question again "why exactly I always run races in the winter with such unpredictable weather." :S
Well snow it did and even some howling winds to go along with it!  

Nevertheless, I shovelled a whole 3 and a half feet of the driveway width this morning, lol or in other words just enough to squeeze my tiny car out and headed over to pick up Marg. 

We were quite pleased with the road and trail conditions upon arrival. Hey, it couldn't possibly be worse than last year!
After contemplating for quite some time on just how many layers to wear and which ones to pick (it was -3 and we didn't want to be too hot or too cold), we headed out to the start. At the start I ran into Christie who ran with me at the MRW 1/2!

Pre-race Runfie:
In case you're wondering on my layering dilemma, I am only wearing a bra and tank under my jacket, lol. Marg also changed her outer layer!
The race starts at the top of a steep hill that had a thin layer of slush so I was bracing my stride in fear of a complete wipe out. Then once we hit the flat trail entrance at the bottom, we were so happy with how clear it was-Total pavement!!! I guess that's when I got a little too excited, lol.

"I smell a PR in the air!"  ;)

The route for the Hypo. 1/2 is a double out and back route along the paved COLTA trail in Halifax. I know this trail well and have run MANY miles on it. I also knew that from where we started it would be a steady gradual incline for the next few miles, BUT we'd also get to zoom down and take total advantage of the decline as well. ;)

Can we just take a second to notice these super classy sweat marks?!?! LOL.
Tim Chesnutt was once again out on course taking many awesome photos. Thanks!

It was absolutely perfect conditions for a winter race today! There were even a few episodes of light flurries which was so beautiful!

I LOVED that I could see several running buds along the route because of the course layout. :)

I felt pretty solid and strong during the first out and back but on the second part I could feel a little slug in my step along the climb. At around 9.75 miles I popped a gel, the only flavour I had left-eew, strawberry banana (gag) and took a Gatorade from Natalie who was volunteering!!! Then I was on my way to the finish.

I kept checking my Garmin and saw my pace quickening, which I thought was weird, and then I said, "You know what?! I can crack 1:40 today!!!" And that became my mission with only 5km left.

I must have really picked up the pace because I finished in 1:36:39 (by my Garmin)!!!!!!! Hello NEW PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was beyond psyched, and exhausted since I had not had a 1/2 Marathon PR since Blue Nose May 2013! 

Elevation chart and mile splits from Garmin Connect:

I am still waiting on official results but I was 10th overall according to the results ladies who were tracking runner times and everyone told me I was 3rd woman!!! So we shall see :)

I seriously thought my days of PR'ing at the 1/2 marathon distance were over and I had accepted this plateau I was in. But when it all fell into place today, totally unexpectedly, I gladly took it!

Marg and I were thrilled with our runs today and we took every opportunity to show off our bling! :)

Lola was the first to greet me when I got home. <3

Ridin' the PR high!

 Post race delicious Mezza lunch with Matt at the office. :)

So there you have it for another year. I'm totally wiped and can't wait for bed...zzz.

Thanks so much to all the wonderful spectators and volunteers at today's event and thanks to the city for excellent snow clearing!
How was your Sunday RUNday???

Thanks again for popping in on the GGR blog today. Have an awesome day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Congrats on the PB!!!!

  2. GREAT run Heather and awesome paces!!! That is so cool that it was unexpected as well. =) Hope you are riding the PR high!

  3. Congrats!! That's amazing to PR when you weren't even sure you could run without slipping for the first part :)

  4. You are so awesome Heather :) I chuckled when I saw your run lol
    Look at the fast ending! That is quite the climb to PR on :) Strong run- congrats!!

  5. CONGRATS!!!!! I am so so so happy for you! And I also also so so cold looking at your pictures! :D

  6. Congratulations on a great race and an awesome PR!

  7. What a way to start the year! Congrats Heather!

  8. Awesome run Heather! Congrats on the PR! I think you went so fast because you had so few clothes on underneath ha ha! Good to see you again and I meant to tell you that I love your blog!!

  9. That is awesome and amazing....I converted your pace to km and I have no idea how you maintain that pace over 21 km! WAY TO GO!!!

  10. Congrats!!! I love surprise PRs. I guess all your awesome marathon training is paying off for your half paces, too!!!

  11. Whoa nice job!!!! Congratulations on another strong race! You're amazing!!