Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday 5!

I think I always include an "!" in the title of my Friday 5 posts because I am just so happy it's Friday! :D

Here we go...

1. My tiux ambassador package arrived on Thursday!!! 

It had a whole stash of goodies in there!

2. Looks like the BAA is starting the bib assignment process! 
As I indicated on my GGR Instagram page I was hoping to better this time at the Chicago Marathon, buuuuttt my bladder had other plans. ;)

3. Winter Running is definitely here! Sometimes it takes motivational messages from loved ones and blogger friends to get you out the door, lol. 

I wasn't kidding. 

So I stopped whining, layered up and protected my face and neck with vaseline. This is the first run so far this winter that I've added a layer of vaseline to my skin. I just absolutely become a crank-a-saurus when I'm cold on the run.

All set!

I survived my loopy run (again I did the cleared ice-free hilly bus route). I even had super hot hands and had to take off my mittens! :0 No wonder my hands are beginning to look like crocodile skin.

I refuelled with some fajitas w/mango salsa...mmm!

4. Lola Ludy <3 
Ever wonder what your dog does all day when you're at work? Well I think Lola's crazy hair tells the tale for her! LOL. Major bed head!

LOL LOL LOL ---> So, I tried a Christmas gift sweater on Lola today from my MIL and Lola wouldn't even take a single step! Not even when lured by treats to the treat cupboard. I was laughing hysterically and she was not having any part of this sweater business. After I snapped a quick photo, I freed her from her misery. What can I say, she's just not a sweater gal. 

5. Snow Day Herb Garden Project! This is what happens when you're not working and have an extra 8 hours on your hands. These herb jars were obviously super quick to set up and I can't wait to see some green sprouting up!

These are my Friday 5 for the week. :)  Stay tuned for a race recap of this Sunday's Hypothermic Half Marathon and let's hope it isn't Hypothermic Half Ice Capades like last year! ;) Marg and I are going to run it as a training run and not run all guts out, especially since we are getting ANOTHER storm tomorrow, womp womp. 

We got these super cool toques and backpacks in our race kits! The backpack is very bright orange and I just love it! I'm sure this toque will go on lots of runs with me. ;)

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog space and have an awesome weekend!
Who else is running the Hypo 1/2?
What do you do to occupy your time on a snow day? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Luckily it hasn't gotten too cold here yet! But now that my marathon is over, i'm not training for anything specific now. That makes it easier to want to skip those "cold" runs! Good luck on your upcoming half!

  2. Ha, I love the picture of the sweater, but they never seem to appreciate them... I had to get Sheldon his first coat a while ago and he is only starting to accept wearing it recently.

    Good luck with the herbs, that sounds like a great idea.. :)

    1. I'm hoping they grow! I'd love to have success with the herb garden.

  3. Good Luck tomorrow....looks like another messy run for that race!

    1. Thanks! We are always sure to have a storm before the hypo!

  4. Congrats on getting 6 freezing miles done at a fast clip! :) I am jealous of your snow day. They are so cozy. Lola is a good sport- at least she let you put the sweater on. ;)

    1. LOL I would say that Lola will tolerate anything for a treat.

  5. Good luck in your race! I'm always impressed by your cold weather running.

    1. LOL, I'm usually pretty whiny about it until I'm out running in it.

  6. My hands are cracking. It is hard in the dry air, Vaseline is a good idea :)
    Lola dressed up - toooo cute!
    Good luck with the half tomorrow, I hope it isn't too slippery! That is a nice swag pack...and so was the ambassador pack, Vega is great stuff!

  7. Mm, I may absolutely hate summer, but at least my winter isn't as painfully cold as yours! Nice job on your winter runs!

    How do you like the Vega stuff? I tried some samples and it was okay, but nothing I felt was worth buying.

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