Sunday, 29 November 2015

The GGR Holiday Wish List 2015 Edition!!!

Hey there Runner Peeps! 

The Holiday Shopping Season is upon us once again and I feel like the past year has sort of been a blip. Does anyone else feel like you just finished shopping for 2014?!?! Nevertheless, it's here whether we're ready or not so here are a few suggestions for that lovely Runner Pal of yours. ;)

Don't forget to also check out my 2013 and 2014 suggestions for some of my favourite things

EVERY NIGHT RUNNER NEEDS A HEADLAMP! They also need a reflective vest but I already suggested that on this wish list. :) I picked up this Petzl headlamp at the Running Room last winter and it's amazing! You can adjust it and it has two levels of brightness. You can also pull the light forward so that it slants a bit to allow you to see the road in front of you better. Get one. Seriously.

Here it is!

Every runner needs a SPI Belt!!! I bought this one before the Boston Marathon to keep my phone and money in during the marathon. It fit very discretely under my tank top. I've run so many runs with it and I don't even know it's there! It will also hold a few gels, keys, etc.

Last winter I bought a long sleeve black running shirt with a sort of cowl neck going on and thumb holes as well. I LOVE it for cold runs! Today at Winners I saw this teal/aqua one, (my camera pic is not doing it justice). It comes in many colours and I really couldn't decide which one to get.

Then I decided on this one. :) It's Nike Pro and Winners has it for much less than the other sporting goods stores.

I've wanted one of these Believe Training Journals ever since they came out!!! I just didn't want to pay a gazillion dollars to have it shipped from the states. Well as it turns out, Chapters sells them too!!!! (crowd applauds).

I'm so excited to start logging in this purple beauty.

A snapshot of how it can look:
I'm guessing Lauren Fleshman's workouts look slightly different than mine, lol.
If you're thinking of giving the gift of compression you may want to check out these tiux Compression Socks. They are a Canadian company who offers FREE Shipping!!! Seriously I love mine.

So I think that every runner should have one of these cute ornaments. Chances are if you love running as much as I do you probably want all things Running, even Christmas tree ornaments. :) If you live in my neck of the woods you can get a similar one to mine at the Micmac Mall in a Kiosk by the Starbucks on the first level. You're welcome. :)

At night I really enjoy reading before bed. My book of choice is usually about Running and I bet your Runner friend would love to get a book as a gift. Here are a few of my favourites:

Most recently I purchased this one. It is going to make me mentally tough as nails. ;)

Another great gift idea is one of these beauties from South Hill Designs. You can pick the charms you'd like to put inside, how neat!

And of course, you can never go wrong with a nice warm toque, mittens or coffee gift card for the East Coast Runner and the chilly winter runs. ;)

These are a few good ideas to get you on your way. Clearly I love all of these since I own them, lol. Thanks for staying tuned in until the end!

Any awesome Holiday gift ideas for runners that I didn't mention? 
Are you shopping for a runner pal?

Happy Shopping!
Heather :)


  1. So many great ideas....I want one of everything!!!! I always look forward to your running Christmas posts!!!

  2. I asked my parents for pink compression socks for a Christmas gift. :) I found pro compression ones for $24.99 on Amazon! I only have one pair- black, that I wear to work under boots and things. I call it sporty-professional. I think the pink ones will be more for summer or something!

    1. Oh I forgot to mention I love your Nike shirt. :) If I had to steal anyone's running wardrobe, it would be yours!

    2. You definitely need a pink pair!!!

      I take that second comment as a compliment. :)

  3. I am shopping for a running pal and you gave me great ideas :)
    I need a head lamp so bad! I am going to check that out :)
    Love your winter running tops. You look good in everything you put on :)
    I am going to guess your journal will be perfect for Boston training!

    1. Yes, it's definitely going to get every snowy training detail of Boston!

  4. My favorite thing is my running journal!

  5. Great list! I put that Believe journal on my wish list this year ;)

  6. Great list! I like the training journals.

  7. I love my running girl gift ever! It was so thoughtful and my sister had it specially made with my name on it.

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