Sunday, 22 November 2015

Suday RUNday and of Course Other Stuff

Hey guys!

First things first: Run Streak is still going strong! Day #24 and counting. 

Lola and I were chatting and she thinks that she should always be included in the introductory post photo...I agree. <3

This is Lola and I after my Wednesday evening 8 miler. xo
On Thursday we had our final run for Fall Running Club. We will pick it up again in the winter/spring but for now we are taking a break. :( It was amazing to see the kids improve in their endurance over time!

On Friday I wore this sweater to work and I have to say that I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it. I was out on yard duty first thing and I sort of forgot I was wearing it until we went into the classroom and I took off my jacket. Just like moths to a flame I was surrounded by a group of 6 and 7 year old boys who all professed their love for my "Minecraft Shirt!" What?!?!?!?! I had heard of this game a kazillion times since being a teacher and have even helped kids spell it on more than one occasion, but I have to say that I did not buy this $14 sweater thinking it had anything to do with Minecraft! LOL.
Here's another photo from my super crappy phone just so you can get a better idea: 

I capped off the work week with an easy paced 5k run on Friday evening and then high tailed it to a fundraiser that my school was having at the mall. I may have ended up leaving with $50 spent on Running related reading, but it was for a good cause. ;)

Matt and I welcomed the weekend with these:

Lola made sure I was definitely sleeping in on Saturday morning:
In case you can't tell she is laying on my waist/leg area, lol.

Look what happens when you dog is sleeping on you and you don't want to wake her up!
You start to braid her tail, lol.
 Okay so my Saturday run was pretty muddy and rainy. :(

And then my Sunday run was even MORE rainy AND windy!!! At least I got to run a new route with speedy Jennie! My sneakers will probably take oodles of newspaper to dry and at one point Jennie informed me that she could hear my feet squishing as we ran, lovely. 

FYI: We did not plan on showing up with braids and the exact same Boston shirt on...I guess when you have Boston gear you just want to wear it. ;)

The stats:

And my free coffee afterwards! Apparently the Starbucks app had just updated and was being glitchy so the cashier gave it to me for FREE. :D

I have the BEST friends in the whole wide world just so you know. Post run my speedy friend Marg stopped by to give me this and some lentil soup!!! Thanks a million times!

I guess my body wanted sugar since I couldn't stop thinking about a candy cane hot chocolate from Tim Horton's when I went to the grocery store.

So I'll probably be on a sugar detox for the rest of the week, lol.

I hope you had an excellent weekend and thanks for stopping by!
What's your favourite post-run treat? 
Candy cane hot chocolate: Yay or nay?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Is it just me, or does Lola need a matching head lamp in the intro picture? :)

    The kids at my school like Minecraft too! I have no clue what it is, other than a video game. We call it recess duty, I like how you call it yard duty. :) Fortunately, I do NOT have recess duty but I do have hallway duty.

  2. Candy cane hot chocolate sounds amazing :)
    I love you still got your streak going!
    It is a cute sweater, but i have no idea what minecraft is lol well, I know, but I am not what the sweater looks like!
    LOL - Lola's tail, you are funny!

    1. It is amazing!!!

      Yes, I think Lola could start a new doggy trend with tail

  3. Hahaha I love that you started braiding Lola's hair!

    Cecil decided he really needed to lay across my neck while I was laying on the couch this weekend. Like you, I just had to sit there and take it because you can't disrupt a sleeping and happy pet! :) I now wish he had some fur I could braid though!

    That's so funny that your students complimented your shirt because it reminds them of minecraft! For a long time I thought minecraft was just minesweeper - you remember that game from like Windows 95? I was like "wow, I can't believe it's making a comeback!" :D

    1. I do remember Minesweeper! lol.


      No seriously, I play minesweeper. :)

  4. I'm still totally unsure as to what minecraft is, but hey atleast you get to be the hip teacher!

    1. From what I gather it's some sort of video game where you build stuff???

  5. Solid runs, especially in the wind and rain. Post run treat has to be a nice cold beer lol.

  6. I love salty chips or potatoes after a long run, but ice cream is my fave post-run treat after hot summer running.

  7. My favourite post run treat is pizza,it always seems to hit the spot.. What are the red things in the nachos? Are they just different flavoured nachos?

    1. Pizza, YUM! They are just multi-coloured nachos. :)

  8. I love that nachos are a staple in your diet because I love them, too, and refuse to give them up.

    I am impressed that your little kiddos play minecraft. It's beyond confusing to me. It's so odd to me that it's so popular!

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