Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday 5!

Happy Friday ghosts and ghouls! ;) (confession: I used this line in my morning message with the kids today, lol). 

I feel like this should be another RUNfession post so that I could tell you how many Halloween treats I've consumed this week, but it will not be. ;) Instead we'll chat about 5 things from my freaky busy week! Boy, Halloween week as an elementary teacher is Capital E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G!

Here we go!

1. Girl Goes Cheering! You probably saw via my GGR facebook page and IG account that I volunteered/cheered at the BLT 5k last Saturday morning and THEN drove to Moncton with Matt to cheer him on, along with Sam, Courteney, Susan, Durwin and a bunch of other awesome athletes! Check it out:
Marg and I were not running so we had to do the next best thing: hand out the bling!!!! Courteney did an awesome job organising this event!
Off to Moncton ...
FYI: my Walking Dead sign got so many "OH awesome sign!" and thumbs ups. :D I obviously saved it for another race. 
The back of the pink one said, "Some day you won't be able to run 26.2 is NOT that day!" A bunch of women loved that one at the start line. :) I remember seeing the same one at Chicago when an older man was cheering at mile one-ish. I kept it in my mind the ENTIRE Marathon.
 Go Matt!
 Go Durwin!
 Go Karen!
 Go Sam!
 Go Courteney!
 Go Susan! (Susan got photo bombed and I got her as she was running away) :(

Great job everyone!!! Lola and I had a blast cheering. I got to run Matt and Sam in to the finish. Matt, Lola and I running up to the finish got lots of cheers from the crowd. <3 Lola and I moved to the spectator side of the gate so that Matt could have all the glory in the end. ;)

2. Lola <3s Fall! Apparently now each time we go out to the back yard it's a leaf running fest. Yeah, Lola LOVES the leaves! And I can't help but think she looks pretty darn cute prancing through them, lol. 
Out of focus, but out of this world adorable. <3

Just looking off into the horizon chomping on a dried leaf. NBD ;)
 3. I've probably had my last run in shorts for a while. :( 
Since the above pic was taken I've laced up and ran in a headband, gloves and tights!!! Tights! I wish I could insert weary face emoji right about here. :(  I love fall running but the cooler runs make me remember the horrendous winter of last year. :0

The majority of my runs have looked like this over the past week:
Run and be SEEN! It gets dark now at early o'clock to you have to be reflective!!
If  you are caught up I do not even need to explain the below pic. :(  ME = Devastated

5. Halloween at work!
The entire staff decided to be minions for Halloween. We all used the sandwich board idea and created our own minion. It was actually really cute. When I transported my little lady to work yesterday morning it was practically a hurricane outside, hence the recycling bag lol.

I'm not sure how I should feel about the number of people who informed me that my minion 'looks like' me, LOL.

 And here's yet another awesome thing about Halloween at work:
Chocolate witch hat, yes please!
So there's my week! Lots of work stuff going on, including last night's Halloween Bingo and I've started regular running and weights again so it's an adjustment period once again. Training for Boston begins in December but until then I'll be building my endurance, strength and base mileage. Speed will come later. ;)

I hope everyone has a super safe and fun Halloween tomorrow! Thanks so much for popping in!!!
What was your Halloween costume??? 
What's your favourite Halloween treat? Mine would have to be candy corn!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Candy corn!? You're the only person I know who likes candy corn!! I showed videos ALL DAY in music class yesterday. They were all having parties in their classrooms and then got sent to me all sugared up... not messing with it. I now declare the day after trick or treat as "Watch Peter and the Wolf Day".... from now until I retire!!

    I am still in shorts... but long sleeves, vest, and gloves!

  2. I actually have it on good authority that the Glenn storyline isn't all it may seem to be. So have hope.

    It's so fun to spectate races!! I'm glad you had fun signs - I need to up my sign game next time I spectate!

  3. Running in tights! I'm jealous! Today we had a high of 84*F but a feels like temp of 88*F and later this week it will really be 88*F again! >:(

    Lola looks so adorable among all of the leaves and you look adorable in your minion costume!!! I love it!

  4. I hope all your buddies and Matt had a great race! Giving the bling would be fun :)
    I've had an abnormal amount of peanut butter cups myself...I tried to be good, but it so hard! It was everywhere at school, and we got PTA bags, and then home lol
    Lola is too cute! I always try to hang on and wear shorts and socks as long as I can lol At some point you have to keep your booty warm though, I hope you don't have a winter like you did last year!

  5. Love those posters! It's always fun seeing new ones out on the race course :)

  6. Hello Heather... somewhat off topic but wondering if you could offer a recommendation on a great spring marathon - and not the bluenose because it's my backyard. Fredricton vs. Johnny vs. going somewhere like Toronto? The 4 loops of Johnny seem dreadful... Also, the Cabot Trail Relay is happening so I can't mess with that. Your recaps are always enjoyable and your opinion would be awesome. Thanks!

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