Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday 5: The RUNfession Version ;)

TGIF runner peeps!

I can't believe how incredibly zonked I am from just being on the go go go go go go go from even before the marathon. Tomorrow is the FIRST day I will actually get to sleep in and I have NOTHING on the schedule, well, except snuggles with little miss fuzzy butt. <3 So if you need me this weekend, I'll be doing nothin' but zzzzzzz's!

But first, I thought it might be fun to do a little RUNfession post as I've totally copied from my blogging pal Meg.

1. I'm a highly superstitious runner. And I mean HIGHLY. A few weeks ago I was out on a training run and a black cat ran out across the trail in front of me. Gasp! I actually stopped and turned around and ran home a different way so that the cat would not bring me bad luck by crossing my path. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I just wasn't willing to take the risk!

Example #2: On the morning of the 2015 Boston Marathon I accidentally pulled out the wrong pair of underwear on race morning, pulled them on and then my shorts only to realize it wasn't the pair I wanted. Instead of changing, because I had already body glided all over my legs/core area, I kept them on. I was sort of worried because I hadn't ever done a long run in them...ever. That day I PR'd and had my strongest marathon to date. Guess which pair of underwear I wore in Chicago? ;)
I'm wearing my good luck underpants so it looks like I'll be BQ'ing today! LOL

Example #3: I have worn one of my Boston Marathon elastics for every race post Boston this year for good luck!

2. I seriously debated whether or not I'd pee in my pants, on purpose, during the Chicago Marathon just so I wouldn't lose time. I just kept thinking about all the time I'd lose by stopping to go into the Porta John and it gave me serious anxiety. Finally I decided AGAINST wetting my pants when pure sanity kicked back in LOL. FUN TRUE FACT: Later in the race a lady was running in front of me and she clearly did NOT choose the way I did. I say no more lol. It's really a good thing I did decide to make the pit stop because after drinking so much Gatorade and water I was in there for a while! I guess my teacher bladder makes for good storage???

3. Fear of not being able to keep up has stopped me from running with friends. Many running friends have said, "Let's get together for a run!" in the past. I always smile and say, "Yes," but I'm secretly scared to death that I'll be too winded to keep up with them.

4. I HAVE to play music when I run because the sound of my own breath actually makes me feel exhausted! One thing I noticed immediately when I was pacing at Maritime Race Weekend was the sound of everyone around me breathing. I was running at a slower pace than race pace so it didn't bother me actually. But if I'm doing a training run or race pace run and I have no music I HATE hearing my own breath. Check out my current favourite tune-It's awesome!

5. I creep race results in a race I didn't run just to see where I'd likely place. Oh come on, you do it too! LOL. For example, this past weekend when I was in Chicago the Valley Harvest Run was held down in Wolfville. I attend this event every year in some capacity (Last year I ran My tenth marathon at the valley) and this year I missed it, obviously. So, the first thing I did when I got back to the hotel and showered from my own marathon was check out the stats of the race back home. Yep. I'm that girl. ;) #creeper

So there you have it. Those are my RUNfessions. PLEASE tell me some of yours! :D

Thanks so much for checking in on GGR on this lovely Friday evening. Have an awesome weekend!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. It's interesting to me the you think you'd be winded keeping up with friends because you seem SO fast to me!! I guess it's proof that it's all relative.

    I like that you have lucky underpants. Hilarious!

    I've tried to pee during a run before to save time, but I literally can't relax my bladder while I run. Even when I pause for a pitstop, it takes a few seconds for me to even relax enough to go!

  2. I also find it interesting that you think you'd be winded!

    I loved reading these Runfessions! It actually doesn't surprise me that you are a superstitious runner. I don't know why, but reading that I just kept nodding, "of course she is" hehe!

    I creep on race results of races I plan on running to see what the times were like the year before!

  3. Heather you crack me up lol - your buds may be winded trying to keep up with you! Your good luck underpants LOL
    I had a lady in front of me last year who made the choice to tinkle down her legs.. when she finally walked later in the race around mile 9...I seriously was scratching my head LOL

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