Sunday, 13 September 2015

Maritime Race Weekend Sunrise 1/2 (The Pace Bunny Version)

Hey guys! (Or should I say "ARGH!")? ;)

My weekend is coming to a close but I feel like it should just be getting started. Lots of running & biking, very little sleep but some super cool loot! ;)

This year I was very blessed to be given the opportunity to take part in Maritime Race Weekend as a Pace Bunny for the half marathon organized by the awesome and hard working Durwin of White Rabbit Pacing. I jumped on the chance to help runners reach their goal at one of the best East Coast Running events around!

Some of my best running buds were also playing the part as a Pacer for the event as well. We were super sleepy from the Friday night Sunset 5k but we were also pumped for the run! 

After some mega ear analysis we asked yet another random stranger to snap our pic. We're getting real good at that. ;)
Look at me all ready to go! We ran with our signs for about 3ish km before ditching them. I had a large group around me and I tried to side step over to the bin but in fear I'd trip someone I chucked and totally missed the bin. Spear fail. (It was still on the ground when I was on my way back to the finish lol.). 
Everyone, and I mean everyone, was asking where I got my tattoo so if Michelle is reading this maybe bring them back next year. ;) They weren't in this year's kits but I had one left from last year. 

A few people had reached out to me via social media platforms to tell me they planned on hanging with me. (You know, cause we're the cool kids lol). I entered the starting corral and suddenly my mood changed from relaxed and cool to super nervous that I'd be a sucky pacer who was erratic and all over the place. I wore two Garmins, one on each hand in different units (miles and km). After getting pumped again by the East Coast music that was playing I was feeling fine again and decided that I'd do my best and not freak out about veering off pace slightly if I did. 

It was a nice drizzly morning but admittedly quite humid, especially for the full marathoners. I drank at every station because I was so thirsty!
The Beacon caught us as we were about to make our first big incline of the day. See I told you there was a big group of us. It had already thinned out significantly at the top of the hill. 
I ended up running up to the 11.5 mile mark with Kristy (not sure of spelling). She was training for the Moncton Legs for Literacy full marathon and wanted to stick with me for an easy paced training run. I really appreciated her company and we realized at about the half way point that we were both in close proximity during the Boston Bombings! There is something about that day that has created a unique bond between all the runners and their families. We shared stories and I got shivers. We coasted down a steep incline and noticed that we were cruising far past pace, oops lol. We quickly pulled in the reigns and got back to target.

The course is quite rolling with a few challenging hills. Sometimes I felt like it was tricky to maintain a steady pace because of it but my splits were pretty steady, not perfect.

Being a pace bunny gets you lots of attention, lol. Everyone loved the bunny ears and so many folks cheered for us. It was super fun!

 I was basically all alone at the last mile when a lady caught up to me and yelled "I finally caught you!" It made me smile and she told me not to pass her, lol. I didn't. ;)
Pretty close to target. The clock was reading 1:50:33 when I ran under it. 

And here's the lady in charge of the whole event! Meet Michelle, Race Director extraordinaire! I think she deserves a huge pat on the back. :)

Thanks Durwin, thanks Michelle and thanks to all the runners who ran with me!

I'd totally do this again! Maybe even the full marathon, who knows? ;)
Share your MRW stories with me! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Yay Heather! How inspiring for those people to get to run with you!

    I would have never thought of wearing two Garmins but YEAH I guess you had to! What if one broke???

    Were you all alone for the last mile because your crew sped up? So sweet that that lady caught you. :) What a great feeling it must be to be able to pace people! I would love to do it someday.

  2. I think pacing would be fun because you're never alone, but I guess you were alone toward the end! I'm glad the last lady caught you and you ran an even pace that allowed the others to finish strong ahead of you! It sounds like you make a great pacer!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I'm really working on keeping my pace consistent because it seems like every day I go with the flow with no specific intentions and some days I'm really fast and other days really slow. Takes some discipline!

  4. I love your pacer bunny ears!!!!!! Looks like you had a great time :) Congrats on the finish!!!!

  5. I agree, I love the bunny ears! I would think carrying the sign too long would drive you crazy! I wondered how long you carried it. You did great hitting your target pace. I think it is really hard to run a consistent pace mile after mile, I tend to always vary a lot.
    I still get chills when I think about that day in Boston. i am so glad you were safe.