Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I Literally Drained My Phone Battery Checking My Email...

It's a good thing I had Professional Development today! I don't know how I would have been an effective focused teacher with one thing only on my mind: Boston.

Last Monday (Sept. 21) I submitted my application and my time was verified before the application was actually complete! LOL. I guess qualifying on the Boston course creates some time efficiency. ;)  Now I just had to wait a whole 9 days to see who else was applying, and how many of them were faster than me.

Not in an attempt to sound 'cocky,' but this year I had the most confidence that I'd get in. That was until the BAA put out several notices that not all applicants would be accepted and all of the chatter I was hearing about a much higher cut off this year than the past two years, (1:38 and 1:02 respectively). My -3:48 was looking pretty good really. And then I saw it. The post that stated that this year's entrants must have bettered their qualifying times by 2:28!!!! Whoa! :0  My heart dropped for several friends, and Matt who were not quite there. :(

While I was eating this at lunch....

it came!

So I'm pumped by my acceptance but really wish Matt and I were running it together. Maybe 2017, especially since we will both be running for new age group qualifications in a week and a half. ;)

Here's some of the breakdown:

You know what's scary about this previous picture? With my qualifying time I ran for the 2015 Boston Marathon (3:32:36) I'd be 4 seconds short of entry!!! Yikes!

 After my PD I thought it was time to celebrate!

Look there I am!

And I'm finally feeling almost like myself so I continued celebrations with my first run in a week!!!

Short and slower but I did it without feeling like my eyeballs and teeth were going to explode from sinus pressure, so I'm calling it a good day. ;)

Now for some R and R before bed. 

Congrats to all runners who gained entry into the 2016 Boston Marathon! I'll see you there. ;)
Any runners with a Boston story to share?
Who ran today?????

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I feel so conflicted about the cut off times! Do you ever wish they'd just stay the new time, instead of causing all this stress by creating a qualifying time that may not really qualify you?

    It definitely pushes people to run faster and train harder!! Congrats on making it, speed demon!!

    1. Apparently now the BAA words it like, " qualifying does not guarantee entry. It allows you to apply and then be selected." :( The lustre of the BQ is diminishing unless you REALLY BQ by a lot!

  2. CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you!!!!

    I went running this evening... at 6:15pm it was still 90 degrees out (feels like 98). I think I am going to freeze my butt off in Chicago! haha

  3. I am glad you are feels my bettet :) Congrats on the BQ - it stinks hubby can't run it too.
    I will probably have to take a day or two off running, I cut my foot tonight :( it is tender...
    Oh, and we are supposed to have a hurricane blow through this weekend..may be getting more rest than I want.

  4. I am soooo happy you got in. I know how much it means to you. I had to look it up and I did NOT realize that at age 35, we get 5 extra minutes to qualify!! Tell me if I am right or wrong. If I BQ'ed in nov. 2016, I could use that qualifying time for Boston 2018, and since I will be 35 on race day of Boston 2018, I would only need a 3:40 at my Nov. 2016 race to BQ? Someone was trying to explain this to me and I am so confused! But you are the BQ expert so I think you will know. :) I turn 35 in July, 2017....

    1. You are right! It is very confusing. My Chicago marathon in 10 days will be 3:40 BQ because 2016 is full and 2017 qualifying starts now and I will be 35 on 2017 race day. Matt had to explain it to me too.

    2. OMG in one way I am like yayyyyy it's way easier to BQ and we will pretty much be guaranteed entry if we can keep running right around our PR's (which I don't see why not, I feel like even though we are getting older we are getting STRONGER), but then on the other hand... I FEEL LIKE I AM OLD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and everyone else who was accepted. One day, that will be me.

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    1. Sorry I'm having some technical difficulties posting on your blog, and getting the correct profile! Congrats on getting into Boston!! It was a long time to wait to hear the cutoff time. Unfortunately I didn't make the cut. But I will be in Boston cheering on my husband, and I'll wear my jacket from last year... so that will almost be the same! (not really, but I'm trying to get over it. haha!)