Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sentence Per Picture Sunday!

Happy Sunday RUNday! 

I hope you enjoy my sentence per picture Sunday post. :) 

My other sister, Carla, came to visit me this week! 

 We went to see Jurassic World and clearly we had popcorn and candy. 

And obviously I took her to the Gecko Bus

Where we ate some awesome tacos...

And on one of the super hot days post run we went for froyo at Cherry Berry...YUM!

Sam and I also took her out to Sweet Hereafter for Cheesecake, mmm.
This was the Snickers kind and yes it was as awesome as it looks.
So apparently we ate a lot of yummy food, lol. 

We also had to pick up some flavoured coffee for my other sister who just can't get enough of the Coffee Pro! ;)

But don't worry, I have not been neglecting my Chicago training. 

My new seamless Nimbus 17s arrived this week and they are awesome!

Today's long run capped off week 5 for a total of 44 miles this week. 
Yes I ran too fast, but I had to hurry to drop my sister off at the airport!
 And then Lola and I spent most of the afternoon like this...

We love Sunday RUNday. <3 :) 

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog and have a wonderful day!

Happy  Running,
Heather :)


  1. wow 44 miles! that's awesome!!!! I hung out with my baby sister this weekend :)

    1. Yay, hanging out with sisters is the best!

  2. Great pace on your 14 miler!!!

    That is awesome that your sister visited. Does she live far away?

    I love how Lola is your best buddy in the world. :)

    1. Thanks, it was much faster than I had planned but her airline was being a bit tricky in that they were possibly going early? Possibly going to be delayed?! So confusing. I found myself panicked as I was running so extra adrenaline made me go I'm sore today.

      My family lives in Newfoundland, and I live in Nova Scotia. It's about a hour and a half flight.

      Lola is my BFF. :)

  3. Yay for sisters! Sister bonding is the best!!!

    1. It is! It's especially nice since we hardly ever see each other.

  4. Aww, love a sister visit :)
    That is a very speedy long run. That will be good to remember during your next race, I CAN hold this pace that long :) Your new shoes look awesome.
    Sunday I stayed snuggled up in bed a lot of the afternoon, I love it lol

    1. Thanks Karen! I really like your mantra idea for my next race. ;)

  5. Always great when family is on town to visit. Very nice paces this week. Keep up the strong training.

  6. Wow that is awesome that you can keep that pace for 15 miles!

    1. Thanks, 14 miles but who's counting? LOL

  7. It just occurred to me that Nimbus is such a great name for a running shoe - of course it reminds me of Harry's Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter LOL!

    Way to go on your long run this weekend! By the time I finish Chicago you will have crossed the finish line, showered, changed, ate, went to see a movie and taken a nap ;) SPEEDSTER!!!

  8. Every time you post taco pix I'm so jealous. I love tacos but haven't had them in sooo I have a craving!!