Monday, 1 June 2015

Tiux Compression Socks Review & IG Giveaway!!!!

Hey there runner peeps!

I was recently contacted by tiux to write a review of their compression socks! How exciting is that?!

As you know I take my compression sock wearing quite seriously as a distance runner. I love them for 1/2 and full marathons, long runs and definitely for recovery. When I was asked to do the review I was a bit nervous because I had not used their products before. So I did a little research on the company and found out some super awesome facts! Check it out:

  • They are a new startup online company that is based out of Vancouver - so cool that they're Canadian! I was already impressed. :)
  • Very affordable! Try $35!!! Even discounted compression products from other companies don't compare by the time you include shipping and dollar exchange rates. Here's how they can pull off such a cost efficient price: 
    By streamlining their product and cutting out the middlemen they sell directly to the consumer offering a more reasonable price...$35!!!
  • Not only are they super affordable, but they also have FREE SHIPPING to orders in the US and Canada with no minimum order required! 
  • They've also partnered with MAG (Mines Advisory Group) so that "1% of the revenue gets donated  towards providing a safe and secure future for men, women and children affected by violence and conflict." source
  • Funky flashy colours! 
  • High performance material! "We work with the same factories that produce for leading sports apparel brands. We learn from their expertise to create the best product." source

I was super psyched when they arrived in the mail this week. :) And hello, look how sleek and classy the packaging is!

One thing I immediately noticed was the right/left foot designation. Already a bonus! I enjoy compression socks that have the specific foot labelled and I feel like they fit better.

Clearly I loved the colour right from the get go. And I have to say that the material was very smooth to the touch and I really liked how comfortable they felt on my feet. They are not made of harsh material as some compression socks are and actually felt quite satiny around my toes. :) I couldn't wait to take these babies out for a run!

Oh, and check out the super neat message on the inside!
run. jump. go.
I'm always cautious of getting blisters from new socks since this has happened to me before. These socks did not make my feet feel 'hot' or 'burning' and also did not cause any frictional rubbing or blisters. When I had them on I even noticed a bit of extra 'padding' if you will at the back as an Achilles support-a win win in my books!

I probably put more thought into matching the socks to my running outfit than was necessary I'm sure, lol.

I am very pleased and impressed with the tiux compression socks! They felt great on the run (I ran 9 super humid miles in them), they washed well in the laundry and I loved them post-long run! One thing I really loved was how much easier they were to get on than some of the other compression socks I own. I didn't have to wrestle with them at all!  And now I think I need the yellow ones too. ;)

Here's some exciting news for you: You can check out girlgoesrunning on Instagram to enter and win a pair of your own!!! :D (Offer ends June 8!)

Now head on over to tiux and check them out! Thanks tiux for including me. :)

See you on the roads!

Happy Running,
Heather :)

I was provided with a pair of tiux compression socks to write this review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Your photographer gets an A+ for some great shots! Heading over now to check them 8 pairs of compression socks aren't enough!

  2. Just entered! :) These sound great!!!

  3. Thanks Heather. I'm new to compression socks and just purchased a lulu pair for $38 that I love! I will give these a try now! Thanks again :)

  4. Sounds like an awesome company! Going to go enter on IG now :)

  5. Do you ever just wear the sleeves for your calves or do you always wear the socks?

  6. Love those. Gorgeous colours! You can never go wrong with compression socks from a Cdn company. I usually just wear the sleeves because socks can be a pain to put on and remove.

  7. Awesome heading to IG to check it out. The socks are super cute!

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