Sunday, 31 May 2015

Where'd My Weekend Go?

Happy Sunday RUNday runner peeps!

I hope you were able to get some solid R & R in this weekend, running and resting that is. ;) I can't believe it's already Sunday evening!!! Where did my weekend go?

I have to give a Birthday shout out to the 4-legged GGR celebrity, Lola. My furry gal turned 7 on Friday! We had a Lola-extravaganza as soon as I got home from work. It was a scorcher of a day so we thought we'd hit up the trail for a stroll. But of course we had to visit Tim's first to get a birthday timbit for my special girl.

"Happy Birthday to me!"

I got an iced coffee and we set out for our walk. 

There were just so many things to sniff! lol

She even got to have a very special dinner with Matt and I that included some chicken! (her favourite). Her doggy daddy Milo also stopped by with a present for her: 
Lola had a great day followed by a mega hair cut the next morning. She was starting to look like a wooly mammoth!

After I dropped Lola off to the Doggie Spa ;) I headed out for a run. I couldn't wait to run on Saturday morning! One sure sign of recovery is the urge to run again. For a few weeks post-Boston and post-Blue Nose I was sort of dreading the run or just not having the gusto to get out the door. I knew these were signals that my body needed some solid recovery and not just the 'I'll take a day off' fix. We all need more than that sometimes. ;)  Nevertheless, it was an awesome, albeit humid run.

I even saw Paul and Darren training for their next 26.2! I really hope they don't think it's creepy that I snapped this shot!!! lol

 Still have not mastered the art of the 'On the run Selfie,' but I'm workin' on it. ;)

 Okay, so I meant to rotate this one but totally
8.48 miles at 8:13 pace
I ran errands in style post-run. ;) Sam brought back my new Ray Ban's from Florida and I fell in love. <3

 Then I felt like a badass teacher when this one came on:
Next up, Sunday RUNday! 

Saturday's run was SO hot! I was not going to run out of water today so I packed all 4 bottles with nuun and hit the road.

I ran some hilly parts and then ran home along the paved/dirt trail. There were tons of runners out on the trail today!

I was happy to get a nice long run in this morning. This is the furthest I've run since Boston! :0

And hello, thanks Sam for the totally awesome Root Beer GU. This stuff was amazing!!!

We hit up Lulu and then Mezza post run. I am so happy Sam is always game for Mezza. ;)

We followed that by a post-long run treat....mmm!

Well I guess that's where my weekend went! LOL. I hope you all have a fantastic work week and are able to squeeze in a few miles. ;)
How was your weekend? 
What's the next race on your radar?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Running!
Heather :)

I appreciate all comments and read every single one!


  1. I love that Lola is your best girl. :) I miss my weekend runs, I am glad you got some good miles in. :) I LOVE YOUR SUNGLASSES. I am looking for the perfect pair like those, but I have a hard time finding sunglasses I am 100% happy with. Gangsta's... omg I was OBSESSED with that song in middle school and I still love it! I'm glad you had a great weekend, Heather!

    1. My head and face is so small it's super hard to get good shades that fit! Sam had to get the small size for me, lol. Lola is totally my best girl. <3

  2. Gangsta's Paradise = A+!!! Such a good song! I should add that to my current running playlist! lol

    Happy belated birthday to Lola!!! What a perfect birthday weekend - doughnuts, a walk on the trail and a morning at the doggie spa getting a fresh haircut. That's my kind of birthday weekend! :)

    1. Thanks Kristina! She had a great day :)

  3. Happy Birthday Lola! Seems like she had a great day :)
    My weekend was relaxing but not because I wanted it to be. I had to skip my LR today (worried about a stress fracture in my distal tibia) so I did some gym work. Not the same as the thrill from a long run though.
    Next race is a half in July

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! We had a hot, hot day in the Valley - perfect for Apple Blossom Weekend! What races next? Well, I'm trying to get off the injured list - and am working hard at that but I am focusing on fall races = MRW 5k and Half and PEI Half Marathons.

    Happy Birthday Lola!

    1. That sounds so fun!!! Hey I'm pacing the MRW 1/2 as you know. :)

  5. Happy birthday to your girl. It's funny, but I always am sad when it's my dog's birthday because that means time is going by SO quickly. I wish our fur babies lived as long as we do!

    I have that root beer GU and have been waiting for a long run to use it. I know i'll be waiting a while!

    1. I feel the exact same way about dog birthdays!!! :(

  6. Sweet little Lola looks so cute after her spa day :) I love that she gets B-day treats LOL
    You had a great long run! and great recovery food :)
    I am fan of Gangsta Paradise, it's one of my favorites on my playlist.
    Love the glasses. I didn't get to run this weekend, my knee was acting up :(

  7. Gangsta's Paradise...there was a time I could sing along with that song and every word! National hear it I always think of the parody of it by Weird Al!