Thursday, 14 May 2015

Girl Goes Spectating & Many Other Tidbits

Despite coming down with my annual pre-Blue Nose post-Boston cold just 24 hours before we headed off to Fredericton, I'd say the trip was a complete success! 

Minus the cold meds of course.

I was feeling pretty much like Lola looks in the below

When Matt handed me the 5:30 a.m. coffee on Sunday morning, I gladly accepted. Plus I love these cups!

Matt and Luke before the marathon. :)

Lola and I tried hard to be the best cheerleaders and photographers. If you 'like' the Girl Goes Running Facebook page you've probably already seen the race photos, but here's one or two to keep you up to date. :) Spectating was super fun and I truly hope the readers who yelled out to me along the route had awesome runs! I'd love to hear how you did and thanks for the shout out!!! :)

This year I got to see the marathoners and half marathoners at around the 5k point before they hit the trail. 

Matt crusin' by
Lola and I snapped over 100 photos and then it started to rain so we hit up the car to fuel up with a sesame seed bagel and cheer from the window since we parked along the route. :) 
I headed over to the finish just before the first place runner came in and then watched the red digits on the clock tick forward in suspense, lol. A 3:05 qualifying time is tough and I knew that was Matt's goal. My stomach was flipping and flopping. At 3:03:something I checked the time again and then turned my head to the final turn the marathoners make and when I spotted the white tank and black compression socks, I knew it was Matt!!!

Panicked because of the clock time, I started yelling like a nut "Hurry up! GO GO GO!" I'm sure I got "The most supportive wife award" that day according to the ladies next to me who gave me super serious stares, lol. They would have understood had they known about the BQ. ;)
3:04:27! Way to go Matt!!! 

 I was super pumped for Matt and the other runners and I was still sick. :(

We're going to swap the word "injured" for "Sick," and this is totally me!
 On Tuesday I felt better. Much better.

On Wednesday I decided to try out my lulu capris that have the mesh panels. I'd only worn them at the gym until now and they were super cool to run in!

On Thursday I decided on an easy trail run and about 1/2 a mile in I saw Sam. We ran together to the waterfall and then took these crazy pics, lol:

Then we tried a normal one too. :)

Last easy run before the Blue Nose 1/2!

You know that moment of joy when a coworker requests as many shoe boxes as you have for a class project and you'd been longing to get rid of a ton of them? Well tonight I said "Good riddens" to 12 of them! LOL. Running couples certainly have a stash of shoes!

Lola wanted to say "hi" before we hit the sack.

Thanks for stopping by the running rambles of GGR and I hope to see you at the Blue Nose! Good night everyone. :)

Are you taking part in any of the Blue Nose events???
Were you at the Fredericton marathon?
Please tell me you have a ton of shoeboxes as well! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Love the pics that you and Sam took! It's sooooo nice to be back on the trail...I seriously thought it would be at least June!!!

  2. Shoeboxes! I got rid of a bunch of them in January when we moved. I had been hoarding them as all runner's do, but Adam was like, "don't box up empty shoe boxes!!" haha

    You can jump really high!!!!

  3. I am a runner, but I don't have a lot of shoe boxes. Why? Because I have 3 kids who ALWAYS need them for school projects!
    Congrats, Matt

  4. People gave you looks for shouting to Matt at the end?! That makes no sense! The best cheerers scream and shout at the end of races!!

    LMAO...that Farley picture!

  5. I am so excited for Matt! Does this mean you will both run Boston next year?

    That is so cool "Girl Goes Running" got a shout out at the race! I got recognized one time in a hospital elevator... of all places! "Meg Go Run!?" he said. HAHA. It was cool. :)

  6. It would be super duper if you and Matt both got to run Boston together next year!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!

  7. Congrats to Matt on BQ!!
    How the heck did you jump that high off the ground? lol