Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blue Nose 2015!

Happy Long Weekend everyone!!!

One of my favourite things about the Victoria Day Holiday weekend is the Scotiabank Blue Nose International Marathon. :) That's a mouthful! 

Yesterday Sam and I went downtown to the expo to pick up our kits and watch the 5k race. We made signs and took every opportunity to snap photos, as evidenced

Here we are posing with Myles! I think he enjoyed the lady attention. ;)

We also went all celebrity-struck when we chatted with John Stanton. I think some people thought we were hogging his time since we chatted so long! lol...sorry!

I met some awesome blog readers (Amanda and Trish) who are from Newfoundland!!!! They were doing their first full marathon! I really love Michelle's photo bomb on us, lol! It's actually perfect. ;)

We also found speedy Marg there! Obviously there was more posing with this sign. It got quite a few smiles during the 5k, lol.

Sam and I jetted over to Mezza in between expo-ing (is that a word?) and spectating.
I have no words for the deliciousness that is Mezza
We also ran into Anna and Natalie! Natalie was doing her first full as well!!!!

Remember how I told you I'll be pacing the Maritime Race Weekend 1/2 this year? Well Michelle is the organizer and here's the White Rabbit Pacing founder Durwin! He also rocked his full marathon today by the way. :)

Isn't downtown Halifax beautiful?!


Oh you know, just cheering with my hair blowing in the

Check out Katie and JK: Katie just ran her first 5k since having calf muscle surgery and totally nailed down a solid finish! I am still trying to also comprehend JK's 17 min 5k time...I again have no words.

Race Morning!!!
After some hair braiding we were suited up and ready to go!
 But first a family photo!

Pre-race! Thanks Matt for lending me a throw-away! FYI: Perfect running weather!!!

LOL, Lola and Matt cheered us on around the 8 mile mark today and Lola thought that sporting some Boston swag would be proper spectating etiquette. ;)

 Miles 1-7.5 felt really good. I was doing a sub 7:40 avg. per/mile pace which was a shady goal I had in mind. Whether I could do it coming off Boston Recovery and the world's most annoying head cold (slight dramatics here) was left up to the running Gods, and I can tell you the spoiler alert version: they did not deliver, lol!

Between 7.5-8 miles Inglis street kicked my butt! I had to try to hold it together because Matt and Lola were going to be waiting around the next turn and I couldn't let them see me slugging along. (this mile ended up being 8:03=wheels starting to come off).

The park was yet to come. The Park. The. Park. (gulp). It was sort of refreshing  to get the salt water breeze upon entering the park and letting your feet strike gravel instead of pavement. I didn't see the photographers until I was basically on top of them so I bet they got some real good fight face photos, lol.

The only issue in the park for me was the loose gravel right before the nasty nasty Serpentine hill. :( I lost all mojo going up that hill and struggled so hard for a bit after that.

Anna got to see me at one of my "Remind me why I signed up for this crazy hilly 1/2" moments of the day, lol. Today's run was TOUGH. Luckily she said she couldn't tell I was hurting. ;)

See you later alligator!

After this I tried to pick it up again but I was really running out of gusto. I saw Lola and Matt for a second time and they really cheered me up. I knew a PB or a sub 1:40 was not in the cards and to be quite frank I probably did not have any business racing a half 26 days post-Boston and 6 days post head cold! eek. I am just not one of those runners who bounces back like the speed of lightning and I'm okay with that. I just have to take care of me so I can keep doing what I love! So for the last 4k I made it my plan to finish with pride. And I did.

Jillian caught me finishing (which by the way is up a hill!!!). I heard so many people yelling my name it was very motivating! Then I realized that the volunteers who were calling me were actually trying to divert me into the 1/2 marathon finish chute and not the full marathon split chute! Can you freakin' imagine?!  LOL.

Race stats: official chip time 1:42:26

See, I was pretty consistent for a bit! I'm trying very hard to forget mile ten where everything just fell

Why I'll be super sore tomorrow:

I was so proud of Sam today! She broke her foot on December 26 and came back with quite the returning half marathon today! 
I'm not sure if this is my joke telling face, but Sam obviously thinks what I'm saying is pretty funny, lol.
 Proud finishers!

We met up with Jillian who totally rocked her second full marathon last weekend in Fredericton! 

And I finally saw Janet again!!!! Fun fact: Janet and I went on one of my first ever "runs," I probably called it a "jog" then. It was in my favourite trail and we were both so pumped about it and still talk about it now!
I love this photo! 
We took photos, hugged, chatted and high-fived and then we ate!!!

Come to mama!

Well, it was another fantastic weekend at the Blue Nose Marathon! Congratulations to every single runner!!!! Super thanks to the volunteers who supported us through the race! ;)

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog and super duper thanks to the all the blog readers who came up to say hi this weekend! I loved meeting everyone!!!

Have a wonderful evening and Happy Running!
Heather :)


  1. Great job on your half....that course is no easy feat and you tackled it and crossed strong!!!

    1. Thanks! I am always reminded how tough and hilly Halifax is when it is time to run the bluenose.

  2. Wow, that is some elevation! I can't believe you were running a half marathon already after Boston but you rocked it!

  3. Wow! What a great time for such a tough course so soon after a PR at Boston! You are a rockstar!! Congratulations!

  4. You ran a great race :) That is quite the elevation to run, but you fought hard! Congratulations, you look strong as always.
    Halifax does look beautiful. Great way to recover, yummm!

  5. Congrats on your race! It is funny that an 8:27 is your "wheels fall off" pace lol. Great time, especially after just coming off Boston! DANG you were a social butterfly this weekend!

  6. Congratulations on another great race-- yikes that elevation looks tough! You're so speedy!!

  7. Nice work on that half! Super impressive after being sick and having just run Boston!

  8. Congrats on another great half marathon! I want to be you when I grow up! :-)

  9. Congrats on your race! Like I said, you looked strong when I saw you speed by me! Always fun to chat with you and of course see you run! Way to go! Looking forward to the next time we bump into one another.

  10. Way to go on another amazing race! I will take that 8:27 split any day of the week :)

    Lola all curled up in the car seat is seriously just way too cute. I can't take it!!!

  11. Congrats on your race!!!!!!! I absolutely love that medal! Glad you were able to finish strong despite the intense elevation

  12. Great job! Quite impressive post Boston!

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