Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Day In The Life of GGR!

Happy Tuesday Runner Peeps!

I'm linking up today with the lovely host Carmy for an "A Day In The Life Of..." series. And clearly since I'm posting on a Tuesday morning I'm recapping yesterday (Monday). :) Enjoy!

My alarm goes off and after one snooze session I get up.

I think I look pretty good. Ready to tackle the day! LOL. This is the time of day Matt usually texts me from the gym to ensure that I am indeed out of bed.

This is how Lola feels about Mondays...

After a quick shower and some flat ironing, I'm ready to face the public...lol.

But first to get my daily Dunkin' fix and of course some breakfast. I usually alternate between a smoothie or cereal. Today was clearly a Kashi day. :)

Lunch bag and purse by the door while I walk Lola.

I usually finish my coffee while Lola explores all of the goings on in the hood. She always looks so busy in the early mornings.

Hitting the road at 7:03. About ten minutes after leaving the house I saw a deer on the road! It was so beautiful and I was very happy that he made it into the woods safely. 

At 7:28 I arrive at work. I do a bit of paperwork before the kids get in.
2 Early literacy groups later and it's recess time. Let's see what snacks I have today: lol

The rest of the morning usually zooms by and before I know it it's lunch! Today I hadn't packed a lunch so I headed to Tim Hortons with Kelly and finally tried one of these: 

YUM! These kettle chips were still warm when I ate them!
At lunch Kate and I worked on a huge banner for the school play.

In the afternoon I had another lesson followed by an hour of classroom teaching where the kids made awesome posters for the Volunteer Tea. :)

The work day finished with a staff meeting. On days that I have physio or have errands to run I usually go during this time. 3:15 ish. My students dismiss at 1:45.

And it was slightly warm when I left school at 4:14...

I'm home!

Lola is always super psyched to see me and she sneezes with excitement. True story...lol. Gee Lola, someone has major bed head, or should I say couch head?

Matt stopped by the house at lunch super quick and apparently him and Lola left me a message. :)

Lola and I bask in the sun for a bit and then she does her crazy yard sprints. I promise you will laugh at the next photo. I promise....lol.

See, told you! 

I usually need a snack or two after school while I do dinner prep.

Ta daa!

Then Lola and I head out for our after work walk. I have to tell you she does not like the heat!

Clearly not happy that I interfered with her sniffing business.

"Please pick me up mommy!" We literally covered less than a mile...in total.

I have to do daily core exercises as a part of a conditioning program that is going to help strengthen that cranky glute of mine. I am already seeing progress!

I guess I look pretty serious when I plank...lol.
Lola does not make core conditioning easy!

Workout interrupted when I saw Mr. Bunny out in the backyard!!! I've only seen him once until now and I got a really crappy picture. My neighbours see him all the time. Well today I was able to sneak right up by him and snap this photo!

After I calmed down from spotting the Easter Bunny, I finished my workout with some upper body weight training followed by a 3 mile run in the trail.

All done!

After some foam rolling and stretching I enjoyed a nice hot shower followed by dinner. :) 

Time for some Netflix and then off to bed I go! 

So there you have it. These are some of the daily adventures of GGR! Thanks so much for checking out a typical day for me. :)

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Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I am jealous that your students dismiss at 1:45! They are living the dream! haha

    That pic of Lola sprinting is too funny! No wonder she was tired after less than a mile walk, she needs rest and recovery time! :)

    1. I am jealous of that dismissal time as well!

    2. Lola is hilarious when she sprints!

      So basically the kids leave at 1:45 then until 2:15 is my prep and contractually I'm allowed to leave at 2:35 which I never actually get to do ...lol. We start at 8 and lunch is from 11:15-12:10. :)

  2. I LOVE DAY IN THE LIFE POSTS! So many questions...

    How many recesses do your students have and for how long? Our district admin only lets our elem school have one 15 min recess a day. Even for the little kids. Only now that our standardizes tests are over may the students go out for an "extra" recess. It's horse shit! When I was a kid, we had 3 recesses...

    How long is your lunch?

    What sort of core work are you doing to help your glutes?

    I am sorry, now you prob wish you hadn't posted all of this!!! :)

    1. Our kids have recess for 15 minutes in the morning and then for lunch they get 55 minutes (eat and play combined).

      Core work: I have 4 exercises (daily) and one stretch (couch stretch) that is a must daily.
      1. side plank from knees with clam shells. 3 sets of 12 on each side
      2. forward plank on elbows with leg lifts (3 sets of 10)
      3. Bridge raises for 5 mississippis (3 sets of 10)
      4. Stand on one foot, bend both knees, hands on hips and hold for 30 seconds. Form is key here so that the knee doesn't bow in or in front of the toes.

      LOL I love posting way too much on the internet!

    2. Thanks for all that info. :)

      My jaw is on the FLOOR at how much recess your kids get! Ours never get to play. :(

  3. Lola with bed head is so stinking adorable ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. She has a haircut on Saturday and I CAN'T WAIT! lol

  4. It looks like a pretty good day to me :) Doesn't a hot shower feel heavenly after a run?! Your planking/run outfit is adorable, I love the shorts. I need to get back to planking myself, needed that reminder :)
    Lola, I never get tired of seeing her pics.

    1. I love those lulu shorts too but I might have to return them. :( The burgandy dye has spread into the white squares!!!

      Lola is a bit of a nut...lol

  5. Wow, 1:45 dismissal...that would be awesome! My work day ends between 4 - 5 pm depending on where I am for meetings (anywhere between Windsor and Clare!). Don't you just love the warm sunny mornings for walks with Lola! Though it's raining today, I absolutely loved yesterday's weather!

    1. Ha, yes but I still have 30 min prep after they leave plus the planning time so basically contractually I can leave at 2:35 but I never actually do! lol. yesterday was awesome weather!

  6. I wanna run like Lola!!! ISn't the awesome spring weather jsut so great? weeeeee Run!!!!! Yeasterday was REST after my massive run weekend, so looking forward to tonights run after work. AND i wish i had your dinner last night....mmmmm

    1. I want to run like Lola too! She's super fast!!

  7. OMG, I WISH my students left at 1:45. Mine are not gone until 3:15 - so the earliest I ever get out is 3:30. I had a 2:45pm dismissal last semester and it was so much better. Although I liking the sleeping in - I never make good use of my morning time mostly because of daycare timing.

    I have to try tim's sandwiches on a croissant!

    LOL Lola's face

    1. A couple of years ago my grade fives left at 3:30!!! :( Such a long day!

      You must try the tim's sandwich!!!!

  8. I too am jealous of your dismissal time. Does the district mandate you stay much past that? I have a hard time doing my stretches on my yoga mat because my Labrador is always all over me much like Lola is you!

    1. Everyone loves the early dismissal time! The school I'm at next year dismisses at 2:45, how will I make it?! LOL

  9. You are so dedicated to your exercises...I KNOW I should do mine...but for some reason...mmmm laziness maybe...I don't get them done!!!

    Love bunny and crazy lola!!!

    1. I just know that if I don't do them I'm in pain. :( They are working wonders though!

      The bunny makes daily appearances by the shed eating the grass. So cute!

  10. Love it! What a fun day! I forget that you aren't in the States and don't get Memorial Day off! What a sweet note from the hubs and Lola! Those small things are what make my days! xoxo, ganeeban

    1. We had last Monday off for Victoria day so we got our holiday fix. ;)

  11. Our days really follow a similar timeline! My kids come in at 7:45...when do yours get to school?

  12. That is just the cutest little puppy :) I hate seeing deer by the roadside, I'm terrified they'll get into traffic. Back to the woods with you!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I really found your post relatable! It's so nice to learn more about each other!

  14. Love the post!!!! I hate planking... great for the core but horrible for my shoulders (I must be doing it wrong)

  15. Love the post, and the pictures of Lola--Lol!! Little dog, BIG personality!