Friday, 10 April 2015

Since We Last Spoke...

 Happy Friday everyone!

Do you even realize that at this time next Friday I will be IN BOSTON?!?!? I can't believe it either! :0

So much is going on with work, prep for the trip, training, and life in general so I thought that instead of a 'Friday 5' post I'd fill you in on my week. Here it goes!

Since we last spoke:

Sam and I had a spectacular lunch! The burger was the size of my head but that just made for good long run fuel. ;)

I got my final long run done!!!!!!!! (Everyone cheers)

Lola and I celebrated and recovered in style. This is her I hear the camera so I'm going to get a treat face just so you know.

Clearly had leg/glute work done the day after my long run. Super necessary!

Shopping like a

Took my girl to the vet.
Mommy this table is pretty chilly on my butt.
 Did some research. :0

Endured another snowy icy commute to work. (Sigh...I'm so over this snow already)
Literally stopped at a stand still on a major highway. :(
 Trying my best to eat healthy....trying.

Did a couple runs at hard effort.

 Did some running at an easy effort and glowed in the dark, lol.

Got some glute treatment. :(  Yep the wires are attached to my butt, lol. My medial glute muscle is being a bit hyperactive so Brian and Laurel are reminding it to chill. Silly side note: I was mortified that I'd have to show my butt and I apologized frequently to Laurel that she had to 'ice my butt.' Her response: "You think your butt is the first one I've seen?!" LOL.

Freaking out and then realizing I have some pretty supportive friends. :)

I made a kick ass turkey soup that I can't get enough of! My Mom's recipe so I can't take credit...but I have certainly tried, lol.

Got HOOKED to this show: 

To the point where I ask the TV "Are you kidding me?!" when it asks me this question:

This weekend I have so much to do! I've started packing already since my week will be crazy busy. :S  I have to pick up throwaways, gels, birthday shop for the fam, plan for the days I'll be away from work and I'm freaking out because my Boston socks are not here yet!!!! I think I have a case of the Taper crazies as well, so just go with 

I hope your weekend is off to a stellar start and thanks so much for checking in on GGR.

Are you a fan of the 100???
Boston Runners: How far is your long run this weekend?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I get the whole butt thing. Once my massage therapist realized my glutes were giving me problems (which led to my hammy injury), she saw my butt a few times! Talk about uncomfortable but it actually really helped me out!
    You are going to rock Boston and make us all proud! Good lord, I can't even imagine qualifying for it! Just know we're all behind you 100% Enjoy!

    1. Thanks so much Anna! I'm on high alert as well for my hamstrings. Apparently they are tight :( BOO! So I actually thought about you and your injury a few times this week.

  2. It sounds like you will be way too busy to even notice you are tapering! Teaching is one of the only jobs where it is harder to not go to work than it is to go to work.

    1. With each marathon I train for, I learn to LOVE the taper more and more. I'm now actually looking forward to a super low mileage week so that I can get shit done, lol.

  3. Awww Lola is a trooper at the vet! If I tried to take a pic of Cecil at the vet it would show him crouching in a corner giving me the stink eye!

    Just think at the end of this crazy week you have THE Boston Marathon waiting for you! I have a crazy week ahead of me too but at the end I have a cruise waiting for me! haha. And I just realized that I took a cruise during Boston Marathon week last year too. I guess that's how I console myself since I know that I'll never be fast enough to actually line up at Boston :D

    1. Lola thought it was a party at the vet! She was running around and socializing with everyone and she heard a cat meow through a door and proceeded to run around again whining trying to locate the cat, LOL.

      A cruise?! Nice! ;)

  4. I'm already way too excited about Boston - luckily I am in my comm tech classroom in the morning, so you know I'm going to have the projector up and running. We usually have a teacher running in it and we do announcements all day long about how she is doing. She is not running it this year though :-(

    Have a great week - and I'm looking forward to cheering you on!

  5. I think that text was just right! You have trained smart, been eating like a champ, you are ready :)
    I would be over the snow! Omg, that really does stink it s still happening. It has gotten hot here, so my heat whining will begin soon lol
    Your hard effort runs are impressive, you really are ready for Boston!

    1. Thanks so much :) I really wish I was whining about the heat too! LOL

  6. IT'S STILL SNOWY?!?!?!?!

    I am sooo excited for Boston for you this year! I know you're going to be great!!

    1. IS IS STILL SNOWING!!!! Like what the heck? lol. This is the longest craziest winter I've had as an adult.

      Thanks for the support Ali! :)

  7. Less than a week now to Boston! I can't believe it. You're going to kill it!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I wish you'd send me some of your speed and power. ;)

  8. Congrats on the final long run! Good luck getting everything done this week despite the taper crazies.

  9. First and foremost....GOOD LUCK AT BOSTON!!!!!!!!! I'm sure it will be great! I'm so excited for you! I hope I will be as ready for Chicago as you seem to be for Boston :)
    I've never heard of the 100 :( but I'm adding it to my list of shows to check out!

  10. Whooo hoooo! You're going to ROCK IT. Have a great race! Good job on the final long run. Now chill out and eat lots of food :)