Sunday, 19 April 2015

I'M IN BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and possibly going a little crazy, lol.

Good morning from Newton, MA!!!

Matt and I are once again staying just a couple of miles from the infamous series of Newton Hills along the Boston Marathon Course as well as THE Heartbreak Hill. I finally feel like these hills are easy peesy now, well, that is because I'm usually in the car when I go up them, LOL. (sorry for the dry joke, but my race nerves are REALLY affecting me today, lol).

We've been busy exploring since we arrived so let's take a look:
Hello Dunkin'!!!

I took crappy phone pics of every sign that said "Boston" on it until we got there, lol.

Literally after we checked in we drove by the Newton fire station and had a photo shoot.

Then we hit up Heartbreak Hill Running Company and I bought "The Jacket" and then had my personal photographer take more photos. :D

 I don't know about you but I'm in LOVE with this year's jacket!

Saturday morning I did my very last run and I RAN IN SHORTS!  I'm so sorry to all Bostonians who I may have blinded with my Nova Scotian pale legs.
I stopped at this very spot last year and snapped a photo of this very same Magnolia tree. It's in bloom and it's so pretty!
 Matt and I drove downtown to Boston and look what we spied!
The famous Citgo sign indicating you're a mile away. The trick is to not look up at it until you're REALLY close since you can see it a few miles away! 
 "Right onto Hereford, and left onto Boylston!"

Feelin' pretty giddy at the expo.

You know what else is cool besides attending the best Marathon expo in the world, meeting up with IG friends who you feel like you know already! Rhea is going to have a speedy run tomorrow just so you know. ;)

I also headed over to the Adidas Boston Marathon Runbase and saw some pretty cool things!

 I also managed to get this photo onto the jumbo
This isn't me, but here's where the pic was!!! 

THEN I SAW THE HUNGRY RUNNER GIRL ON THE SIDEWALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HRG is incredibly nice and I am pretty confident that her friends thought I was a nut, lol. She even got a pic with me...I just hope she couldn't feel me

Post expo I totally chillaxed in my new tee!!!

The rest of today will include some planning, prepping, heating, stretching, fuelling and of course freaking out. Obviously.

Wishing everyone a safe and stellar run all the way from Hopkinton to Boston tomorrow. GOOD LUCK!

See you tomorrow Boylston!!!

Happy Running!
Heather :) 


  1. Aw thank for all of this! I am picturing everything you are doing and I remember the buzz of excitement! I love your new t-shirt. I'm going to see if I can find one online. It's probably like $60 though, am I a right!? hahaha. Is "There's only one..." slogan for this year?

    1. Also, I see there is an app to track you but I don't have a smart phone. Is there any way to just get text msg updates?

    2. Thanks Meg! If you don't have a smart phone you can just do it online at :) is a way to sign up for AT & T alerts but I'm not exactly sure how to do it because they told me when I tried to do it that it was for US customers only so that I stopped listening LOL. I deezer it was only $22! It is made by city sports or Marathon sports??? one of them :)

    3. OMG lol "deezer!" That should have read, "my T-shirt"

  2. I love the tour! The jacket is awesome ;) SO cool you got to see HRG! I am tracking you online now (you are halfway) and you are running strong in less than ideal conditions. I am so bummed for all the runners it is raining. I can't wait to read your recap about how everything went!

    1. What an awesome race you ran!! Congratulations, well done ;)

  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I can't wait to hear alllllll about it.

    I was sooo freakin bummed today that I missed watching the live stream of the race due to stupid work stuff. Why can't every state observe Marathon Monday? It's such an important day!