Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday 5 + 1!

Happy Friday everyone!

I have today off for Good Friday and I am thoroughly taking advantage. I mean like not getting out of bed until after 8, enjoying my coffee and oats, watching TV, reading blogs and I'm STILL in my PJs...but don't tell anyone mmmkay? ;)

I promise not to rant about all the snow that is STILL around for this post, but that stuff has got to go!!!
How creepy are these icicles?! I swear winter is trying to eat us here in Nova heard it here first!

Okay, here are my 5:

1. Nutrition: 
Once again I'm eating like a champ and keeping 'Food for Fuel' in mind.

I made such good gains, and then.....

Sam happens! LOL, just kidding! I was ecstatic when I came home after a long day
 at work to find two of these on my doorstep :D 
2. Boston Package!
My Runner Passport, welcome handbook and Boston gear catalogue arrived this week!

I read all the info and it appears that I'll be starting at 10:50 Boston time, 11:50 Nova Scotia time and 12:20 Newfoundland time this year. And I will also be sporting a blue bib - I've had white the past two years so that's pretty neat!

I will not freak out by the elevation chart, I will not freak out by the elevation, I will not freak out... 
Reading over this map truly gave me flashbacks of the race last year and the year previous. Specific points triggered either spectacular memories, or painful ones, depending on the

3. New Kicks & Socks!
These are my Boston shoes :) Yes, they're the exact same as the previous pairs I've had but if it ain't broke, don't fix it....especially this close to marathon day. Plus Hashem refused to send me a different pair before the

I also received my new Heather Pink Pro Compressions this week! They are so pretty, but excuse the So I decided these are my Boston socks and then..........

I saw these and squealed! They are already being shipped to my address, lol.

4. Shenanigans with Lola:
Walking with Lola these days looks a lot like this:
Such an adventurous dog ;)
 She was not too happy about our visitor under the car:
I admire how Lola thinks she has the stature of a Saint Bernard when it comes to 'scaring things.' Clearly the cat was terrified as I had time to take out my phone, open the camera and take two photos while Lola barked and growled.Silly dog. <3
5. Training Mileage: 
On Wednesday, April 1 I tallied up my March Miles. I log daily and my app gives me a weekly total plus a YTD total. Here's my monthly total:
Like come on! Obviously I would have ran around the block for a half mile to get an even 200, obviously!
My April running so far looks like this: 

Wednesday: 6 miles around the hood

8 easy peesy paced miles around the hood on Thursday.
My final 20 miler is this Sunday and then I'm totally tapering!

My + 1: These Starbucks Boulange cups!
How pretty are these?! I totally vote that Starbucks keep the pink label :)

Thanks for popping over to GGR on this Good Friday morning. Have a very Happy Easter!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
PS Boston is in 17 days!


  1. I love those Boston compression socks! They are freaking awesome! I only have one pair. I don't wear them while I run, only after. So I will wear them for like 3 days (gross I know) and then wash them haha. I think I need a new pair.... :)

    I am so excited to track you at Boston!!!!!

  2. You always have such cute shoes! I thought about getting those Boston socks for my sister!

  3. I've got the Boston app already to go for the big day! Those icicles are freaky!!!

  4. I'm so excited for you and Boston and of course those compression socks (both of them) are amazing! Happy Good Friday, glad you get to enjoy this day - regardless if you practice. Hope you have a great Easter weekend and that you spoil Lola with goodies too! I'm pretty terrified of that snow you have in NC, especially if one of those icicles were to fall off. xoxo, ganeeban

  5. So exciting that Boston is so very close! Love the yellow and blue Pro Compression socks.

    Happy Easter!

  6. How many 20 milers do you run in a training cycle? (did I ask you this before? I ask everyone runner I come across because I really want to see what other marathoners are doing).

    1. For this marathon I have only 2 20 milers on the plan. The Boston Bound plan has more hilly intense runs compared to the usual Intermediate 2 plan I follow for other marathons by Hal Higdon. His plan has 3. :)

  7. Which shoes do you wear for your marathons? I wear the same shoes that I train in the part of me wonders if I should have a different racing shoe. I also like that you think that staying bed until after eight is late ha ha.

  8. Those Boston socks are amazing. I'll be (virtually) cheering for you in a couple of weeks!!

  9. Staying in bed until after 8 is taking advantage of a day off?!Today I slept in until 10! :)

    The look on Lola's face in the pic with the cat is priceless!! She is not amused AT ALL!

  10. I like that theory, if it ain't the pink shoes! The Boston compression socks are very awesome :)
    The elevation chart does look scary lol but you are trained and ready to conquer!
    Always...more Lola pics, please :)
    Great month!